Mario Williams Likely to Become Buffalo Bill, Not Tennessee Titan


The Buffalo Bills are doing everything in their power to make sure Mario Williams doesn’t leave Buffalo and who can blame them? The guy is a beast. Unfortunately for the Tennessee Titans that means he’s basically off the list.

The Tennessee Titans seem to be dead set on Peyton Manning anyway. Bud Adams will have his way and I have a hard time seeing Peyton turning down the chance to play in Tennessee when he’ll be offered basically as much as he wants and be protected by what may turn into the very best o-line in the league.

Very best? Yes I said very best o-line in the league. The Titans are currently interested in the free agent C’s Chris Myer’s of the Houston Texans and Scott Wells of the Green Bay Packers, as well as Steve Hutchinson, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings. Those are some seriously big guns and I’m glad to see the Titans leaning that way instead of the usual “we can fix that from the inside” stance.

At the end of free agency it looks like the Titans will have obtained a new interior offensive line.

I also expect them to add a DE. Who? John Abraham. If Abraham comes down on his price, I expect the Titans to give him a front loaded 2-year deal. With that I’d expect them to draft a DE to train behind Abraham and learn from him. There’s no doubt that Abraham is has been a beast, but he is 34 years old. Abraham can bring a lot to the d-line and could teach all of the young guys a thing or two. He’d also be a great mentor to a rookie DE.

My prediction? Titans sign Chris Myers, Peyton Manning, and John Abraham by the end of the week.

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