Want to replace Finnegan? Go get Mario!


I know, Finny is a cornerback and Mario Williams is a defensive end, but Mario is the perfect replacement for Cortand Finnegan.

Doesn’t make sense?

Imagine your starting defensive backs are Derrelle Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. You may think that there is no way yo can pass the ball through this defense, that is useless to even try it because you’ll get picked, intercepted or smashed.


In this league there is no way the best defensive backs are able to defend average receivers if there is no pass rush at all. You give a QB more than 5 or 6 seconds to throw the ball and at least one of his receivers will be open in most of the plays. It’s just too hard to follow a guy like a mirror for such a long time.

On the other hand, if you have an aggressive and speedy pass rush, I’m sure 3 seconds won’t be enough to get away from McCourty and Verner. At least it won’t be an easy task even for top receivers like Andre Johnson.

I am really surprised in how the Titans managed to be the 14th defense against the pass with almost no pass rush. This means our defensive backs weren’t playing as bad as some may think. Bringing Griffin back is a good move, he may have ups and downs, but at least he has proven his durability and Probowl potential. He is the best option in the market considering LaRon Landry is injury prone. The important thing is that the Titans will bring back 3 of the 4 starting defensive backs that ranked 14th against the pass with no pass rush at all.

So a better pass rush will definitely help our secondary, I can say we will be safe against the pass with our actual defensive backs is we can get 2 high motor pass rushers.

We are all hoping Derrick Morgan to have his breakout year this season and that the Titans will go defensive end in the first round of this year’s draft. But, do you want to know what would really make sense and be a huge upgrade for the whole team right away?

GO GET MARIO! Super Mario has 53 sacks in less than 6 seasons; he is just 27 and will impact all the faces of the defense right away. He is quick, strong, smart player who is around the ball on every play and is definitely a playmaker. We have the cap room to sign him for what he deserves ($12-$15 M a year). It just makes a lot of sense.

Webster said that the only position that was worthy to overpay was defensive end. So let me say something Mr. Webster, there is almost no way you can overpay a guy like Super Mario, he produces, he is a safe pick up. How often do you see this kind of players hit the market with around $35M under the cap and defensive end being your priority for this offseason?

I really don’t want to get too excited about this one, we all know we are not big spenders, but this move is not just about bringing a top free agent who fans love, this player may be missing piece of a young and full of potential Titans defense.


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