“Tennessee Titans Quarterback Peyton Manning”


Owner Bud Adams made it perfectly clear today who he wants to be manning the quarterback position for the Tennessee Titans next year, Peyton Manning.

Now take a moment and really take that in. Feels kinda good, doesn’t it? Imagine the excitement, the possibilities, the circus that would come to Nashville. The Titans would arguably be the most anticipated team of the 2012-2013 season.

But is this the right decision? Let’s go through the plusses and minuses.

The Titans would have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. They would be competitive right away and have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl next year. Other notable free-agents might want to follow Manning to the Titans. A name a big as Manning would bring in more revenue for a smaller market team and the Titans would be somewhat of a “sexy” team. The idea of Manning and CJ in the same backfield is exciting and you would have to believe that, with a young group of talented receivers, the Titans offense would rise to the top ranks in the NFL. I also like the idea of the Titans having a shot at being the featured team on “Hard Knocks”, the popular HBO series. Yes that isn’t that important, but from a fans perspective it is exciting.

Now for the negatives. The Titans would be going “all in” on a 35 year old quarterback who almost had his career ended with a chronic neck issue. Even though he is showing all signs of healing and heading in the right direction there is a risk involved. Is he the smartest free agent pick up? With a dominant pass rusher such as Mario Williams on the market should the Titans really throw all their money at quarterback when quarterback isn’t really an issue for this team and getting to the quarterback was? What would happen to Matt Hasselbeck?

If the Titans make the move they would be banking that they solve their pass rushing and interior offensive line issues in the draft and have guys from with-in step up. To win a championship you have to have a quarterback and get to the quarterback.

This is all early speculation and there a rumblings that the front office doesn’t want to go in the Manning direction. However, Bud Adams makes the final call and I wouldn’t put it past the senile owner to make a splash such as this. Especially when his clock is ticking and he wants the Lombardi Trophy in Nashville before his reign as Titans owner is over.

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