Manning will help the Titans, but not at the QB position


Free Agency is almost here and suddenly one of the best players in the NFL (maybe the best) is a free agent. There is no doubt that Manning is one of the greatest that ever played this game. His effectiveness to read defenses and adjust in the line of scrimmage is just something we have never seen before. He is the smartest QB in the league and there are enough reasons to believe he can succeed under any scheme.

We may not love or even like Peyton, but let’s be honest, I remember sitting in my couch watching him moving the ball all over LP Field. I’m sure we all at least respect the guy. But this time, finally, he can actually help the Titans to be in a better position to win the division and get better as a team.

I’m not talking about a change at the QB position, we won’t pursue Peyton, be sure about that. On the other hand, we can be sure that a handful of teams will be asking for his services and offering a BIG paycheck.

How do we benefit from that? First of all there are not a lot of teams that can afford number 18 without releasing one or two big name players from their roster. That will make free agency even mores interesting. With some Luck we may see another team releasing the missing piece of our offensive or defensive line, who knows.

And the most important, speaking of Luck, is that the Colts will have to hurry Andrew Luck to the field and start him on day one. Worst case scenario for us would have been having Luck in the bench for one or two years learning from Manning, but now he won’t have the best teacher a rookie QB can have. We all know how difficult it is for a rookie QB to succeed in this league. I would never wish for bad things to happen to other players, but this situation certainly is good for the Titans, one way or another.

At least for now we won’t be facing Peyton Manning twice a year…At least for now.

Maybe it’s a matter of Luck that things stay this way.