Franchise Tag: Griffin or Finnegan?


There is not a lot of information about what the Tennessee Titans will decide to do with the Franchise Tag. As always, the Titans are keeping a low profile with their offseason moves.

Jason LaCanfora just wrote this morning via his Twitter account that, “Titans likely to tag CB Courtland (sic) Finnegan” (I know, his name is Cortland, not Courtland). This made me think: If Tennessee actually decides to use the Franchise Tag, who would be the better choice between Griffin and Finnegan?
For me there is no question. Both are really good players and when they play at their best they are definitely Pro Bowlers. Cortland is a shut-down corner, a great leader who plays tough and is at his best right now. Griffin is a great athlete; fast, and sure handed for a safety, but has been inconsistent throughout his career.

Who is the better player? I will have to go with Finnegan, in the NFL there is no room for ups and downs. Griffin tends to bite on play action, and he struggled with play recognition last season. On the other hand, Cortland has been as consistent as any CB in the league.
So who get’s the Franchise Tag? It’s not that easy, as we have to consider that the Tag for CB is $10.6 M, while the tag for Safeties is $6.2 M. It´s not a small difference; that $4.4 M could be huge in Free Agency.

The most important thing to consider is, who is easier to replace?

If Cortland leaves, the worst thing that can happen is having Verner and McCourty starting for us at Week 1, with a more polished Campbell or Hawkins serving as nickel back. That doesn´t bother me at all; it is actually a better group than most teams had starting last season. On the other hand, if Griffin leaves, we have no depth at all.

Signing a safety will be no easy task. Tyvon Branch was franchised by Raiders and experts say this draft class is a weak one for the position. Nelson from the Bengals could be in play, but honestly Griffin is a better football player.

So the answer to who the Titans should franchise is not necessarily the best player, but whomsoever they think will be hardest to replace. If the Titans decide to use the franchise tag, perhaps Griffin is the best choice.

What do you guys think?