Worst case scenario: Tennessee Titans depth chart


So let’s just pretend for a while that every Tennessee Titan free agent leaves and Webster is unable to sign a starter in free agency.
Once again lets pretend the Titans do awful in the Draft and they get no potential starters at all.

So… who would the starters be?

I know, this is not going to happen, especially after how this staff drafted last year. I do this just to show how our actual roster looks like, taking into account just the players that are still under contract for 2012.

So for the season opener, our starters would be:

QB: Matt Hasselbeck / Jake Locker

Open competition between those two. We are in good shape at the quarterback position. There is no need to even draft or sign a backup this year.

RB: Chris Johnson

He will be the starter next season, no question. The Titans will give him plenty of opportunities to show he is back to CJ2K mode.

FB: Quinn Johnson

He is not as good as Ahmard Hall, but he is younger and did a pretty good job last season replacing him. Johnson is a solid blocker.

WR: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Damian Williams

This may be the best group of receivers in the Titans roster for a while, even though there is room for improvement.

TE: Craig Stevens, Jared Cook

Titans use a lot of two TE formations. Stevens has a new contract and he is a great blocker with above average hands. Cook is ready to have his breakout season after a strong finish last year. His athletic ability is insane for his size.

OL: Michael Roos (LT), LeRoy Harris (LG), Fernando Velasco ( C ), Eugene Amano (RG), David Stewart (RT)

Titans have one of the best pairs of tackles in the league in Roos and Stewart. If the interior line stays the same, expect same results from the running game. Amano should be moved to guard or released.

DL: Derrick Morgan (DE), Sen’Derrick Marks (DT), Jurrell Casey (DT), Karl Klug (DE)

I know, Klug is not a DE, but he may be a good experiment if the Titans are unable to sign a quality end. I like the interior of this D-Line and Morgan finished strong last year. Serious help is needed in pass rush department.

LB: Will Witherspoon (OLB), Colin McCarthy (MLB), Akeem Ayers (OLB)

I really like this group of young LBs. McCarthy has the potential to be Pro Bowler and Ayers will be a starter for many years to come in this league. Witherspoon is a solid contributor.

CB: Alterraun Verner, Jason McCourty, Tommie Campbell

Right now Verner and McCourty are an above average pair of corners. They both are very young and have huge potential. The nickelback position may be filled by Hawkins or Campbell.

FS: Robert Johnson

Here is where the problem starts, we have almost no safeties on the roster right now. Johnson is young and has seen limited action in his two year career.


Again, we have no starters and no depth in the safety position right now. Lets just hope Babineaux sticks around.

With around $35 millions to spend there is a lot of room for improvement. I still feel we are in a good position for the next season, though.

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