Free Agency will claim the lives of Finnegan and Jones. Who’s up next?


While the combine is usually noteworthy for figuring out which guys are the strongest, fastest, and most athletic, this years combine has had an added layer of intrigue amongst Titans fans as they have promised to help clear up the muddied waters of Finnegan’s and Jones’ futures as Titans. Agents for both players had mentioned that discussions over contracts, that had  at that point seemed to stall, would be picked up again during the combine. Well with the combine coming and going here in the next few days, it seems as though things are indeed clear. They just don’t look so good, unfortunately. The following from Terry McCormick of Titans Insider:

"“The Titans met with Jones’ representatives at the Combine in Indianapolis, and the two sides are continuing to talk, but with time running out to strike a deal, meaning Jones could get to the open market, as free agency starts on March 13.”“One of the potential stumbling blocks to a deal is likely whether to compensate Jones as a tackle or an end, as the two positions often command different price tags.”"

This probably doesn’t surprise anybody after the year our two rooks had on the D-Line. Had either of them not performed up to the level that they did, I don’t think we’d be seeing Jones walk, and we’d probably overpay him to the tune of something like $5 mil/yr as a versatile, but primarily interior, D-lineman.

Terry on Finny:

"“The Titans’ brass had been scheduled to visit with Terry Watson, who represents Finnegan here at the NFL Combine, as they try to bridge the gap between the cornerback’s contract demands and the Titans’ offer of $28 million back last August that triggered a weekend walkout of training camp.”“Whether the meeting causes talks between the two sides to heat up remains to be seen. Finnegan is believed to be wanting a deal that starts somewhere around $9.5 million per season on average. The Titans are not believed to have made an offer in Friday’s meeting.”"

So yes, people, it’s pretty much just more of the same. Make no doubt about it, as sure as Manning will be out of Indy, so will Finnegan be out of Nashville. Finnegan wants more money than the Titans are willing to dish out: Plain and simple. There is no question at this point; It is merely an inevitability. So yes, we are indeed looking at an off-season that is shaping up to have us lose Jones and Finnegan, while most likely using the franchise on Griffin, as we could use the depth, inconsistency notwithstanding. Signing Babs on the very morning of Free Agency is looking more and more like a priority. Let’s hope the franchise comes through for us this time.

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