Draft this, Not that: DEs


This is a segment that I hope becomes a regular feature here on the site. I will give you the names of some prospects (that I have done film study on) that I believe are overrated, and then I will give you the names of some prospects at the same position and with the same talent level that are underrated and would be a much better value.

This week’s position: Defensive End

1st rounder not to draft: Whitney Mercilus, Illinois

-Mercilus is not a good pick in round one because he is a one year wonder that has been very underwhelming until this year. People keep saying that he reminds them of JPP, but JPP had so much potential and had great measurables. I just really don’t see Mercilus as anything higher than a mid second round pick.

1st rounder to draft: Nick Perry, USC

-Very quick off the snap, Perry has done a very good job against some high quality lineman. Loves to attack the outside edge but he has a good counter move when an OT anticipates that too much

2nd rounder not to draft: Andre Branch, Clemson

-Branch has good length and likes to attack the edge like Nick Perry, however the lack of a counter move makes me think he will struggle in the NFL. Another reason to avoid him is that he doesn’t fit the Titans system. We like bigger DEs that can help in the run game and that is not something I trust Branch to do.

2nd rounder to draft: Vinny Curry, Marshall

Curry has a very solid punch and is explosive at the point of attack. Keeps his legs and hands moving until the whistle blows. His biggest concern is that the small school production has him overrated, but small schools have never scared away the Titans before

3rd rounder not to draft: Jake Bequette, Arkansas

I think Bequette is a luxury pick in the 3rd round for some team that can develop him into an every down DE, but in year one they can use him as a pass rusher. He has an excellent outside move but his counter moves are very weak.

3rd rounder to draft: Cam Johnson, Virginia

Johnson is another high motor player, but sometimes I watch him and think he could go in round 1. He does an excellent job beating OTs in every facet of the game and plays with a mean streak. Can fight off cuts and double teams, and does a very good job holding the edge. He will shoot a gap sometimes and that is something that needs to be addressed, but other than that he is a 3rd round gem

Those are my thoughts on the early rounds guy. If you have an idea for which position group you would like me to do next, leave a comment and I’ll do my best. Also if you think my picks were bad or that I don’t know what I am talking about leave a comment and let me know who you would have put where.

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