Titans Need Upgrades in Trenches


It was only three short years ago that the Titans had one of the best offensive and defensive lines in the game. So what happened?

Well a few things happened, so let’s start on the offensive side of the ball. Kevin Mawae, a great center and a wonderful free agent pick up played his last season with the Titans in 09. The following season, Eugene Amano moved to center and Leroy Harris took over at OG where Amano was. The Titans FO seemed very high on Harris so one would expect that the transition would be smooth. Not at all. In 2010, Chris Johnson’s yards fell by almost 700 and his per carry average fell from 5.6 to 4.3. In the three years since Mawae has retired the Titans have done nothing to upgrade the line so is it a shock to anyone that its play has fallen off dramatically from three years ago.

Let’s take a look a the defensive side of the ball. In 08 Haynesworth left and our starters were Jevon Kearse, Tony Brown, Sen Derrick Marks, and Kyle Vanden Bosch. The Titans lacked a consistent push from the front four after Haynesworth left in free agency and due to their lack of size always seemed to be dinged up on the D-line by game 5. Add to that the fact that they have just not done that well of a job replenishing talent and what you have my friends is a D-line hoping that someone can help turn this thing around in 2012.

What was once a strength is now a weakness and in order for the Titans to compete for division titles they must upgrade both of these areas. This is something the Titans can improve this off season. They can draft a Center with the 20 pick and move Amano back to guard and hopefully that fixes the O line. On D, they can then focus on getting help up front or looking to free agency. There are options aplenty, let’s hope whatever route they choose it helps solidify two of the teams biggest weaknesses.

Shawn Eagle

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