On Cortland Finnegan, Michael Griffin, and other Titans Free Agents


I know we’ve done a few pieces on upcoming free agents, both within the franchise and elsewhere in the league, but I think at this point in time, things are defining themselves a little more clearly than they have in the past. Paul Kuharsky had a breakdown of all the pending free agents within the team and how it looks as though each player will be handled. Paul seems to have a very good pulse on the state of the team, as I find myself agreeing with his assessment, and from what I have heard from around the web, it echoes most of the fan base’s sentiments as well. Here’s what he had to say:

"Fullback Ahmard Hall — He’s a great locker room guy, but did not have a great season and the Titans have Quinn Johnson in house.Wide receiver Donnie Avery — Couldn’t push his way into action and presuming the team drafts at least one receiver, it should have no interest.Guard Jake Scott — Team will say thanks for solid service and look to get younger and better on the interior.Defensive end Dave Ball — He’s not the solution, but he’s a quality complementary part who can get into the backfield.Defensive end William Hayes — Just hasn’t panned out. The team needs at least one new end and there won’t be room for him any longer.Defensive lineman Jason Jones — Was not as good at end in the new defense as he was at tackle in the old one. He can still be a very good player.Linebacker Barrett Ruud — Didn’t play well before he was hurt, then got displaced by rookie Colin McCarthy.Cornerback Cortland Finnegan — I don’t think the Titans want him at anything near what he’ll be able to command.Safety Jordan Babineaux — Played well enough that safety-starved Tennessee should want him back.Safety Michael Griffin — Does the best when everything around him is going well. But the price he’ll want gets paid to a leader, not a follower.Safety Chris Hope — Made a difference on the field and in the locker room for a long time, but his time is now past."

I did want to comment on a couple of players listed above.

Jason Jones: As was mentioned on Titan Sized recently, Tennessee just signed massive DT Lamar Divens, which tells me one of two things: Either negotiations are tougher than expected, and Divens will be used as leverage to drive a bargain (Clever move, if the case), or the franchise is sensing that negotiations are stalling and may not work out, thus leading to Jones’ eventual release. I would guess it to be the former, as there is still a lot of time left to sign originally undrafted free agents that no one outside of a coaching circle would recognize.

Ahmard Hall: I’ve genuinely liked Ahmard Hall for some time, even as he’s bounced around the league, but that fumble in the fourth against Houston to seal our non-playoff related fate? Some things are harder to get over than others…

Cortland Finnegan: I’ve been one of this guys’ biggest supporters over the years. Look, no one goes from 7’th round draftee to premier corner without working his butt off and being scrappy as all hell. Everyone talks about Finnegan’s bout with Johnson last season and derides him for his actions. However, the fact is that Finnegan got inside the head of arguably the best receiver in the league, and literally took him out of the game. Also, refs always watch Finnegan very closely on account of his reputation, so if he was playing dirty, he’d get flagged for it. Sadly, as much as I like him as a player, word on the street is that he’ll command as much as $10 mil a season, and I feel as though that money can be better spent on other positions. Also, I don’t feel Finnegan is worth an extra $8 mill a season over Verner and McCourty. It’ll be sad to see him go.

Michael Griffin: Let him walk. That is all.

Who do you think we should re-sign? Who should we let walk? Throw your comments our way and let yourself be heard!

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