Center of Attention


The offseason has officially started for every team in the NFL, and with that the discussions have flared up about whom their team should take in round one of the NFL Draft. As a Titans fan, I see the huge need for a defensive playmaker, but I think there is a bigger hole that should be addressed first, interior line.

Yes, I am that guy, but before you stop reading this article let me explain myself. I think the Titans needs, from greatest to least are OG, DE, C, S, OLB, WR. With a strong center, Amano can move back to guard where he was serviceable and we can grab another guard later to kick Harris out at LG. The DE class is deep for pure pass rushers and don’t forget we should get a boost from new “pass rush coach” Keith Millard has shown a strong interest in trying to get Akeem Ayers included in the pass rush this season. However, outside of Peter Konz there are no elite or even high quality centers in this year’s draft

With a fortified OL the Titans can play a more balanced type of football, which plays to our strength. If Chris Johnson has bigger holes to run through, that will open the play action game. If the play action game becomes a factor then one way for a defense to stop that is to bring a nickel package on the field. That would create a huge mismatch if the Titans decide to bring Cook and Stevens out, because they are both too big for that NB to cover one on one.

In the end, getting Peter Konz in the first round kills two birds with one stone. The Titans get a new center and a familiar face back at guard. A defensive end would be nice, but with the pass rushing coach that the front office brought in it may not be as big of a need as fans think. That combined with 6 defensive rookies in their first full offseason (Klug, Casey, Clayton, Ayers, McCarthy, and McCarthy) should make our defense better than it was last year in every facet.

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