Some notes from Tennessee Titans Front Office, and their philosophy


I missed this earlier, but a few days ago the Official Tennessee Titans site had a post put up about an interview recently held with GM Ruston Webster. In it, he talks about the direction of the team, and the Front Office’s approach to draft and fee agency.

You can read it here.

There were two statements made that stood out to me. The first:

"“As a team, I want us to get back to being the old Titans. I remember when I was with the Bucs, when we played the Titans, they played a fast, aggressive, nasty defense. They were physical and they could run the ball. They were always a tough outing. That’s what I’d like for us to get back to – that kind of style of play. Mike Munchak feels the same way. He was here during all of that. That’s really what I want to see us be.”"

I really hope the Titans organization can reclaim this type of defense. I’ve mentioned before that I feel our defense is respected, but not feared. I remember during the mid to late 90’s, and early 2000’s, when opposing teams used to view us as tough and intimidating, and it was always a source of pride for me. As exciting as it can be to have a high-flying offense, there is a certain quality that comes with having a brutal, fierce, smash-your-opponent-in-the-nosebone kind of defense. It puts other teams on notice; makes them afraid to take the field for sixty. If the franchise is truly committed to recapturing this defensive identity, I will be a truly happy Titan-ite.

The second quote I wanted to throw out there was this:

"“My immediate goal is to help improve our offensive line and our defensive front seven. That’s going to be our focus moving forward into free agency and the draft. If we can do that – get a little bit more of a pass rush and run the ball a little better — I think we’ll be okay.”"

So if there was any debate as to what direction the franchise is headed in, that should clue you in. Personally, I’ll miss entertaining the notion of a Britt-Floyd receiving duo, but any number of things could happen between now and then.

How many of you remember guys like Samari Rolle, The Freak, and Blaine Bishop? If you have any fond memories of Titans past, let us hear about them.

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