Super Bowl XLVI: Staff Predictions


Well it’s finally here. The Super Bowl. Some are excited to watch the Giants-Patriot rematch, others couldn’t care less. Personally, I’m just excited for the wings! Here’s the predictions from the Titan Sized staff as to who is gonna take home the Lombardi Trophy today….

Justin Stewart, Editor

Giants 28 – Patriots 24

Brady who? Giants control this game all the way. Brady’s favorite target, Gronkowski, is gonna be gimpy all game which will certainly effect the potency of the Patriots offense and the Giants have been rolling on both sides of the ball. I expect Jason Pierre-Paul to cause havoc all game and potentially be the difference that wins the Giants this one.

Brady gets sent home crying, again.

Will Lomas, Staff Writer

I think the Giants win 27-24

The Pats will struggle with the interior pass rush, but most importantly their DBs will struggle to cover the WRs of the Giants. Cruz and Nicks will have good games, but in the end it will come down to which team got to the QB more and I have to think that will be the Giants.

Chase Maher, Staff Writer

Pats 27- Gmen 24

Brady and Belichick are just to good to lose twice in one season. Brady is MVP.

Stephen Clark, Contributer (UK)

Prediction: Patriots 30 Giants 26

There will be a little extra yawning at work places across the country on Monday morning as
UK American Football fans stay awake through the night for the SuperBowl. It’s the 30th time that the SuperBowl has been broadcast live on UK television since John Riggins and the Washington Redskins captured our imaginations with their win in SuperBowl

The 46th edition of the biggest event in the US sporting calendar has additional interest for
British viewers this year with the participation of Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, a native of
these shores.

The game promises to be a fascinating encounter, the old adage that defense wins
championships will be put to the test like never before. The Patriots play with a bend but
don’t break unit relying on stops in the red zone. They rely heavily on their offense out
scoring their opponents, so if the Giants can stop Brady and the Gronk, then they have a real
A repeat performance from Eli Manning of his heroics, when spoiling the Patriots perfect
season five years ago, will help the Giants cause.
As a Yorkshire man in England, my loyalties are torn, but because my son is a Patriots fan, and I picked them at the start of the season, I’ll go for the Patriots by four.

Walker Thomas, Contributer

Giants win 24-10

I just don’t think the Pats o-line will stand up against JPP and company. May end up 24-17 but still gmen win. Especially with Gronk being gimpy. Gmen can single cover him and double welker and hernandez.

Alberto Gonzalez, Staff Writer (Mexico)

Patriots 27 – 21 Giants

So the Patriots are saying there is no sense of revenge. I’m not buying that at all. I’m
sure Tom Brady remembers who ruined his perfect season as a Patriot and Belichick
remember who outsmarted him that day. He was on the verge of winning it all, 16-0 season
and a Super Bowl ring, but suddenly a miraculous play by Manning and that all disappeared. Tynes ruined his show.
Time for revenge! I know rosters change and many players from those teams are gone,
but we’ll still see one more round from the Brady vs Manning and the Belichick vs

I expect Brady to finalize what was pending back in Super Bowl XLII and take home
the Lombardi Trophy.

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Patriotas 27 – 21 Gigantes

Por albertogonzalez

Los Patriotas insisten en que no existe sentimiento de venganza para este partido.
Simplemente no lo creo. Estoy seguro que Tom Brady recuerda bien quien arruinó
su temporada perfecta como patriota y que Belichick recuerda quien lo venció en el
ajedrez humano cuando se le consideraba invencible. Después de una temporada sin
conocer la derrota y a unos minutos de ganarlo todo, una jugada milagrosa de Manning
y una atrapada del desaparecido Tynes truncaron el sueño de Brady de conseguir la
¡Es tiempo de la revancha! Los jugadores que disputarán el campeonato no son los
mismo que en el 2008, pero todavía queda un capítulo pendiente en la batalla de Brady
contra Manning y Belichick contra Coughlin.
Mi predicción es que Brady termina lo que quedó pendiente en el Super Bowl XLII y se
lleva a casa el trofeo Lombardi.

Matias Wodner

Patriots over the Giants, 27-24

The momentum that the Giants have right now is a bit surreal. Eli is playing lights out, as is the Giants defense. I just can’t find enough courage to bet against the man known as Tom Brady. Looking for his fourth ring, I don’t think he lets the team that ruined his perfect season four years ago stop him from getting it and making some more history.

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