Recipe For Success


Oh how wonderful it must feel. The intensity of media week leading into the biggest game of the year has such a unique aura about it. The Super Bowl is a dream game for every player and fan. Some teams are contenders every year, but others are sort of used to this horrible feeling. This empty feeling of worthlessness is like looking in the fridge when you are hungry only to see nothing is there. The Giants and the Patriots, lucky them right?

It just wasn’t our year. It may be a few more seasons until we can be mentioned in the elite of NFL franchises. It’s not coincidental that the elite teams have so many things in common. They didn’t just get to the Super Bowl because they played a few good games, they got there because they have what I call the “recipe to success.” This recipe doesn’t call for many things. It doesn’t ask you to make huge splashes in free agency. You don’t need a head coach predicting title wins all year long. Heck, you don’t even need loud mouth owner.

The elite teams always have a franchise quarterback. Their quarterback is the first guy to work and the last guy to leave. He is a leader on and off the field. Manning and Brady are masters of their craft. We can only speculate Locker will get to that point. How many times have you seen a losing franchise with a great quarterback? Not often, if ever.

The elite teams always have a strong offensive line. I know the Giants line suffered all season long, but the injury bug was having sleepovers in the Meadowlands. Since the playoffs their line has become a tough formidable group that hits people in the mouth. Brady’s bunch are a group that takes great pride in keeping Tom healthy. He probably could have worn the same jersey all year long and never cleaned it.

The elite teams always have pass catchers that can get yards after catch. The Giants have the best wide-receiving corps in the league and Brady’s tight ends are nearly unstoppable. Not to mention he has Wes Welker catching every ball thrown his way. We have Kenny Britt, but he can never stay on the field. We have Jared Cook, but he has been inconsistent at best. This franchise needs another big and fast receiver so that Nate Washington can go back to his natural position in the slot.

The elite teams always have play makers on defense. The Giants defensive line may be the best I have ever seen. They have four guys that could start on 90% of the other NFL franchises. Osi, Tuck and JPP are all better than any defensive end we’ve had since Kearse.  The Patriots defensive line doesn’t have the big names, but Wilfork has been a presence in the playoffs. They have shut down the run and forced teams to throw. We need help here, badly.

The elite teams always have good coaching. Both these coaches are calm and collected. They are both stern and consistent. These qualities are necessary for a team to push through tough times. Munchak showed some promise, but he had his moments of confusion too. The jury is still out on the Hall of Fame lineman.

The Titans have pieces in place to make it all possible, but this recipe isn’t finished yet. If we want to be elite, the guys are going to have to get creative. We need Morgan to step up and we need to get him some help. A play making safety along with another stud receiver would go a long way towards a title run.

Let us all take the next day or so and focus on the big game. We can go back to draft talk and all that on Monday, but for now, it ‘s about the Giants vs. the Patriots. Eli vs. Tom. This game is hard to predict. When it is all said and done I think Brady will be holding the Lombardi Trophy. Him and Belichick have been in the lab for two weeks now figuring this Giants defense out.

Score: Patriots 27 Giants 24