Two Former Tennessee Titans Find New Teams



Both linebacker Rennie Curran and safety Myron Rolle, former Titans, have found new homes in the NFL.

Curran recently signed a reserve/future contract for 2012 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Curran was a big leader on the defense in Georgia where he was a Bulldog but didn’t fit into the new Titans defensive coordinator’s (Jerry Gray) plans and was released after the 2011 preseason.

The same can be said of Myron Rolle, who just signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rolle took a year off from college football as a Rhodes scholar and continued his studies in England. Upon his return he entered the NFL draft and saw his draft stock tumble as a result of the year away from football. Rolle failed to impress the Titans coaching staff and as a result, was released after the 2011 preseason.

Curran and Rolle were both picks from Jeff Fisher’s final year as the Tennessee Titans head coach. That draft looks to be an abysmal one.

First round pick Derrick Morgan has yet to play an entire season and hasn’t been impressive after his ACL injury. Third round pick Damian Williams finally got playing time this year after Britt’s season was ended early by injury. Williams performances varied between brilliant and awful. The other third round pick, Curran, is no longer with the team. Fourth round pick Alterraun Verner looks to be the star of that class, playing well at the CB position for the titans. Fifth round pick Robert Johnson hasn’t seen the field and is on the verge of being released from the team. Sixth round pick Rusty Smith has been a joke thus far and is also likely to be cut from the Titans roster before the 2012 season. The seventh round pick, wide receiver Marc Mariani, was a much criticized pick for the Titans but Mariani has really turned around a return game that hadn’t been good in years. The last pick of the Titans 2010 draft, defensive tackle David Howard, is also no longer with the team.

That’s not terribly impressive, especially compared with out draft class of 2011.

Hopefully these two stick with their respective teams. They’re both great guys and you always gotta wish the best for people like them.

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