Titans in Free Agency – Offense


Free Agency starts in two months and with $30 million in cap room and some big names probably departing for next season, this stage of the offseason could be huge for the Titans. Let’s just hope Webster won’t be afraid of bringing some big names and Bud won’t refuse to spend big money in that case.So let’s take a look to some big names the Titans could use for next season.

Carl Nicks, G, Saints
Age: 27

Arguably the best offensive lineman in free agency, that means he definitely be expensive. He can run block as good as any guard in the league and would be a huge upgrade in the interior line. Let’s face it, Amano and Harris were awful in the lineup, we could use an elite guard like Nicks. I’m just not buying the Titans offering the kind of money he wants. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Matt Birk, C, Ravens
Age: 35

I know, he is 35 years old and he will be 36 by season opener. But remember how Kevin Mawae did when he was 35. We need a veteran center calling blocks for the offensive line. Again, Amano is not the answer. Birk has been a huge leader for the Ravens the last 3 season and has started every game for the last 6 seasons. He could definitely come for a more reasonable price than Nicks. I’m sure Munchack will put emphasis in upgrading the interior of his O-Line.

DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles
Age: 25

His stock went down considerably this season as he dropped too many passes, but he still is a downfield threat that can easily open things up for shorter routes by Britt and Cook. Speedy Jackson could also give CJ some more space to run, as defenses will be more worried about the deep ball.
The thing with Jackson is that I predict at least one team in the league is willing to pay him playmaker money. If not, expect the Titans to at least take a look at him.

Mike Tolbert, RB, Chargers
Age: 26

The Titans could easily use some competition for Chris Johnson, at least to push him to go back to his “elite back” level. Mike Tolbert is a big back that could compliment Johnson serving as a “Darrel Sproles.” He is really good in short yardage situations and has great catching skills coming out from the backfield. Tolbert could come for a reasonable price as a second waver free agent. I really think the Titans should look for what they had in LenDale White, a real compliment and a playmaker.

Tony Fiammetta, FB, Cowboys
Age: 26
I don’t like to say this but Hall may not be back for the next season. The Titans may be looking to get younger at the FB position and Fiammetta is exactly what they need. He is the best blocking FB of this free agency class and fits perfectly the Titan’s offensive scheme. If the Titans don’t resign Hall, expect the signing of a veteran FB to open thing up for CJ next season. I really hope the Titans keep Hall, he is a great locker room leader who won’t be easy to replace.

I’ll post some big D names soon…