Around the AFC South


Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are in shambles right now. They have gaping holes at head coach, offensive coordinator, CEO and General Manager. They need  upgrades at every position on defense apart from defensive end, though Mathis is hitting the market. The biggest issue is at quarterback. Will Manning play another NFL snap? He probably will, but will it be on the Colts who seem all but sure to pick Andrew Luck. The Colts are the epitome of “first to worst”.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Blayne Gabbert was beyond bad. He was painful to watch, even as a Titan fan. We should all take a second to “Tebow” and thank the lord we picked Locker with Gabby still on the board. On the other hand their defense has improved and MJD is still MJD. New head coach Mike Mularkey coordinated an extremely balanced offense in Atlanta, so look for him to build around MJD and Gabs.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans’ staff is happy to have this off season to fully install their schemes and I am hoping they use it wisely. With the hiring of Brett Maxie as secondary coach and the promotions of Reinfeldt and Webster in the front office the Tennessee Titans can now direct complete focus on getting some more talent in this locker room. We now have a solid head coach and a defensive coordinator that isn’t afraid to put his foot down. Fans should be looking toward the future with promise. The biggest issue that may be lingering throughout this off season involves the competition at quarterback and if Locker is ready.

Houston Texans: The Texans didn’t make it past the Ravens, but they certainly showed they were ready for the playoffs in their win against Cincinnati. Wade Phillips is going to be their defensive play caller again, which is good for them and bad for everyone else. He did wonders with that defense. They have some key guys hitting free agency in Mario Williams and their center Chris Myers. Will Mario be back as an outside linebacker, or will he be signed by a 4-3 team?

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