Tennessee Titans “Introduce” New GM Ruston Webster


The Titans just finished introducing both Webster and Reinfeldt in their newly promoted positions. We’ve heard a lot from Reinfeldt in the past years so I’d like to focus on Webster more, especially as his new position is the GM.

One reporter asked if the promotions would affect interviewing with other teams for positions and Ruston replied:

"“I’m here. I love it here. I’m here for the long haul.”"

He was also asked if the Titans conservative approach to free agency would change, with the Titans have $30 million plus in excess cap space. Ruston said that he thinks a lot of teams try to win the off-season and,

"“It’s not about winning in the offseason. It’s about winning on Sunday.”"

When asked about the transition into the new position and working on re-signing the numerous Titans set to be free agents, Webster said:

"“First priority was to call all the scouts (which he did today). Tomorrow I’m going to call the coaches and start discussing the roster…. Once we get with our coaches tomorrow, the process will start. We’ll take it from there.”"

Ruston isn’t in a terrible hurry to re-sign players, as the new agreement from the lockout gives the teams almost two additional weeks before free agency starts (used to be March 1st, is now March 13th).  As for the draft?

"We need to continue to put impact players on both sides of the ball."

Ruston also spoke of changes to the line, which he said was obvious to anyone who had watched the games.

Overall it sounds like he’s got a good grip of things and that within the next week or two we may start hearing about the front office starting contract talks with the Titans set to be free agents. Then we can start getting a better idea of what the Titans will be looking for in free agency and the draft and have just a little better picture of what the 2012 Titans are gonna be looking like.

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