Top Free Agents Titans Could Pursue


The Titans have a lot of free agents that may hit the market this year and still have some key holes to fill. Some of the free agents that could leave the Titans include G Jake Scott, DE/DT Jason Jones, FS Michael Griffin, SS Chris Hope and DE William Hayes. Some of those positions maybe be filled through the draft, but here are some free agents that could fit into their plans…

G Evan Mathis – Eagles

Mathis was a pleasant surprise for the Eagles, though it took him and the rest of their line a bit to get in sync with each other. He’s a free agent once again. There’re three guys on the Titans line that haven’t been playing well. Harris, Amano and Scott. I believe Amano can be moved back to the guard position and do just fine, but Harris or/both need to be replaced. Mathis could do just that.

G Carl Nicks – Saints

Nicks is going to be the best guard in free agency. The Saints will have to resign Brees and that won’t leave a lot of room for new contracts for other players. Nicks would be an amazing addition to the Titans line. Both Jake Scott and Leroy Harris had a bad year. They weren’t the only reason the Titans run game suffered but it’d be a big step towards improvement if they added Nicks to replace Scott or Harris.

C Jeff Saturday – Colts

Eugene Amano can’t play center, plain and simple. He needs to be moved back to guard and the Titans need to find another center. Saturday is a great center and there’s almost no way the Colts can afford to bring him back. They’ve got to deal with the whole Manning/Luck mess, Wayne and Mathis hitting free agency and rebuilding in general. Saturday is going to be a casualty of the rebuilding process. Saturday could be a nice stop gap for the Titans while they work on finding another good center. Saturday still has some gas in the tank and it’d be smart of the Titans to bring him on board.

FS LaRon Landry – Redskins

Griffin has completely fallen off since the departure of Jim Schwartz. He certainly has the potential to be a Pro Bowl safety again, but I don’t think he can find that motivation with the Titans. That being said, the best replacement out there for him is LaRon Landry. Landry is a solid leader and tackler, his only problem being his health. He’s ended the last two season on IR, playing a total of 17 games. If the Titans are willing to roll the dice on his health, it could pay off big.

DE Robert Mathis – Colts

Another possible loss due to budget constraints, Mathis could definitely help bolster a defense that was in the bottom three in sacks. Mathis is only 30 and could definitely give the Titans a few good years. The biggest question will be if the Titans will be willing to pay enough to get him. My guess is no, but you can always dream, right? The Titans will probably address this position again in the draft.

WR Dwayne Bowe – Chiefs

Bowe has been on the Chiefs, who are going absolutely nowhere. He’s a young guy with a lot of talent and probably wants out of KC. Bowe is exactly what the Titans like about Kenny Britt. He’s big, fast and strong. He also makes crazy catches (see picture, left). He’s what a healthy version of Kenny Britt looks like. The Titans have some good receivers, but take away Britt and you’ve got a lot less ability on the field. The combination of Britt, Bowe and Washington is enough to make you salivate. That’s about as far as we’ll get with that. Bowe’s a playmaker and that’s the money he’ll want. Bowe would be awesome on this team, but he’s not gonna get that type of green here. Too bad.

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