A View From Eagle’s Nest


Good day my fellow Titans fans!!! Mike Munchak’s name is being thrown around for the opening of the Penn State head coaching job. Does anybody out there really think that he’ll take that job? Ummm…I’ll answer that for you. No. Not at all. Who in their right mind would be trying to take that job now? Storied program, one of the best in the nation, obviously sounds good until you think about how many questions you, as a head coach, would have to answer constantly about Sandusky and Paterno and what you plan to do to fix it. No Thanks!!! Besides, Munchak by all accounts seems to be very happy here or he would not have spent 2/3 of his life with the Oilers/Titans organization. This is his 1st head coaching job and I think by most accounts he has done a very good job this year.

Playoffs, huh? Well yeah we are talking playoffs heading into the last game of the season. It is very nice to bring this up at this time seeing how most national sports writers had the Titans anywhere from 4-12 to 8-8 and certainly nowhere near the playoffs, feels good. Speaking of playoffs, wouldn’t it have been nice if the Titans could have beaten the Colts and were actually in the driver’s seat for a playoff position. I was thinking about this the other day and wondered, is there any way in the world that Steve McNair would have let the Titans drop that game to the Colts knowing how important it was to handle business. Well, Hasselbeck didn’t play like it was his last game and probably shouldn’t have played anyway with the calf injury he had. I think it was evident that the game plan was suspect and the Colts took advantage of it. Not that all blame should be put on Hasselbeck but as the leader of the team, he should have stepped it up.

So now we have the Texans. One of the main questions is will they play everybody or will they sit starters depending on the situation? The Texans were one of the hottest teams in the NFL a month ago but they have lost their last two and losing three in a row heading into the playoffs is not ideal for anybody. Gary Kubiak finally produced a very good team that has played well even though they have lost their top two QBs in Schaub and Leinart and their best defensive player in Mario Williams. Wade Phillips has really been a great addition to the coaching staff. He has the defense humming and on offense T.J. Yates has played well stepping in for Leinart and Schaub. In the past three games however, T.J. and the offense have played very conservative football and have not been able to convert 3rd downs. How does this happen? Could be a number of things and a combination of many. Teams have tape on T.J. now and may be taking away certain looks that he was comfortable with when he first stepped in. The OC could be reeling in the offense to protect a rookie QB knowing that he has a pretty good defense to rely on. The Texans could be playing a little sloppy knowing that have their playoff position sewn up and they’re coasting. I will say one thing, if it is any of the points mentioned above then the Texans are not long for the playoffs. I will assure you of that.

Can the Titans come in a knock them off at home? I think they can. I see it being a low scoring scoring, grind it out affair and the Titans will have to move the ball through the air, but they can win. They have played some very good ball this when focused.

That’s my view!!

Shawn Eagle

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