Is Locker the Answer?


I have to say, when this question first popped in my head this week I started having cold sweats. Did we make the right choice, is it another wasted 1st round pick? …a high pick at that Should we have picked someone else?  Can he really be the face of the franchise and lead us into the promised land?

Let me start by saying that the only reason this question popped into my head was that I found myself thinking about how many nay sayers Cam Newton had before he ever threw his first NFL pass, (I’ll admit I was one, saw the talent just didn’t know how it would transfer over into the league, my bad) and what they think now. Well, I think its a consensus that he will definitely shape into a very good QB on this level. Ok, now onto another rookie trigger man, Andy Dalton, weak arm, red hair, smart but not that good, well, he has had a very good first of the season and I think most people believe that the Bengals may have a much better QB than Palmer would have been. Alright you ready, now lets go to QB #3, Christian Ponder, wow, accurate, he can move, had the injury bug in college but once again, early returns show a guy that is smart and already looks better than the fading, Donovan “I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove” McNabb. Now to QB#4, Blaine Gabbert, of all of them he has had the worse start but he hasn’t looked horrible by any means. I think if he had someone besides MJD on offense he actually might look a little better.

Can you feel where I’m going here? If Cam Newton, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton all look like they are going to be very good pro players then what are the chances that Jake Locker makes it 5 for 5 on QBs taken in the 1st or 2nd round of this past years draft. Of course there are many more years to truly see how these QBs pan out, there could be injuries that derail careers, who know, all kinds of variables, but the early returns look very promising, very promising. So, if Newton, Dalton, Gabbert and Ponder turn into franchise QBs then I have to say that chances are, Locker won’t turn into the face of the franchise, the savior of the Titans. Sorry, it just may not be in the cards. Am I going to compare this years QB class to 83? Maybe, but if I do it will be down the road once Locker shows he can win at this level and be the face of the franchise. All I can say is that history and stats are not on our side. Its almost unheard of to have the first 5 QBs picked in the NFL draft to all have very good careers, just doesn’t happen.

For the Titans sake though, I hope I’m wrong because wiffing on another high profile 1st round QB selection is easily enough to send this organization reeling for years to come. Of course we have Hasselbeck and he’s playing good ball but he realistically only has another year or two of being a good starter in the league.