Exclusive Titan Sized Interview With Running Back Jamie Harper Part 2


Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Titans running back Jamie Harper.

If you missed part one, click here.

Titan Sized: Can you be a threat in the receiving game?

Jamie Harper: “Definitely!”

Harper told me that that being able to catch the ball out of the backfield was a big thing for him coming out of college. He continued to say that being able to go out in space and make mismatches with linebackers worked to his advantage, as well. The threat in the receiving game adds to him being a dual-threat running back, they type of back that can pound the ball over and over and then be able to break it open in the reciving game.

He told me that when you combine what he has with what the Titans already have in speed with Chris Johnson and intelligence along with quickness in Javon Ringer that it “always keeps linebackers and defensive linemen on their toes.”

Harper then mentioned that when you only have one back, it changes the way the defense views the offense. For instance with Chris Johnson, a defense may think “as long as we contain his speed, or keep him in the backfield, then we can limit his opportunities to break free.” However, Jamie pointed out that the three running backs in the stable (Johnson, Ringer, and himself) all bring something different to the table and it can be frustrating on a defense.

TS: What do you think about the Titans chances on the division as of now?

Jamie: ”It’s in our head, definitely. We feel capable. At one point we were in the drivers seat and we kind of got knocked off the drivers seat this past Sunday. That was just a way of telling us to wake up and re-focus and get to playing ‘Titans football’.”

“We’re in the running and we have more than enough talent to get out there and make it happen and down the stretch we just gotta show the world.”

 TS: What are some of your favorite movies?

“ That’s tough, I love movies. I keep up with comedy mostly. I watch a little bit of everything but comedy movies take the cake. I could watch the same movie over and over.”

“ A movie that made me think a lot was Shutter Island.”

“I watch Superbad like every day of the week.”

TS: What music do you listen to pre-game?

Harper: “With CJ being beside me, you’ve got no choice but to listen to Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie. I slow it down as it gets closer to the game and listen to my R&B.”

Jamie listens to Drake, amongst others, to calm down just before the game so that he can “be in my zone when I get out there”.

On why he doesn’t prefer to get too hyped before the game?

Harper: “If I’m too hyped and I go out there, I’ll mess up my assignment. I don’t wanna be over excited and mess up everything, but when you run out there and you see that crowd, you have no choice but to get amped.”

Jamie mentioned that he feeds off the crowd. He mellows out  before the game and then gets in front of the crowd to let them energize him.

TS: What are some of your favorite video games?

Harper: “Call of duty on xbox and the Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii.”

Harper went on to claim that he can do a great impersonation, white gloves and all.

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