A View From Eagle’s Nest


Where do I begin? The view today is not one of beauty, not at all. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in trouble. Our receivers can’t run the right routes or catch, CJ wants nothing to do with even considering that he has any part of the running troubles, our D, after having so much promise, lacks a consistent pass rush, and looked absolutely lost in coverage many times yesterday.

Hasselbeck had seven drops by his receivers yesterday…..in the FIRST half!!! Hasselbeck missed on several other opportunities where his receivers wouldn’t run the correct routes. The pass protection up front is not a problem, its there and our line continues to do a fantastic job in that area. The problem is we simply don’t have a talented WR corp. Kenny Britt was such a beast that many defenses rolled coverage his way, doubled him, and constantly kept an eye on him that it opened up the other receivers. With him gone, we have no one that can beat man to man coverage. Couple that with the fact that CJ1/2 K simply is not getting the job done. This is not meant to be a shot, but CJ is not getting the job done. The offense was reduced to spreading him out wide and trying to get him the ball in the passing game with quick hitters and play fakes. You know what that got us, CJ in space…with the ball…exactly what we want, but he hardly gained any yards after the catch because he seemingly can’t slip tackles anymore. I know its very hard to imagine or even think about but why not just start Ringer, he had 31 yards on 3 carries yesterday. Just a thought.

The defense, where do I begin? ok! I’ll start up front. We got absolutely zero push either in the run game or pass game. We got zero sacks, finished with only 2 hits on Matt Schaub and generally acted like  no one in the league has ever run any misdirection play in the history of the league. Surely we knew that Arian Foster was a one cut RB and was going to be the focus of the Houston game plan and he still gashed the Titans for 236 all purpose yards and 3 TDs. Guess what else happened, his back up ran for 104 yards. All of this happened to a defense that had two weeks to prepare for the Texans and were playing at home.

The best aspect of the game on Sunday was that it ended at 3. The Titans have a long way to go and without signing a WR off the street that can drastically change the complexion of this offense or hopefully a consistent running game the Titans simply don’t have the other pieces of the puzzle together to make a consistent winner.