Not In Our House: Titans Look to Stomp Texans Sunday


This weekend the Houston Texans face off against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field in a game that decides who will lead the AFC South. This is a huge game for both teams, as they are the only two teams in the AFC South that have a shot at the playoffs. The winner of this game could very well be the one that heads into the postseason this year.

Both teams will be without their top receivers this game, thought Andre Johnson is only sidelined for a short time comparatively speaking. They’ll also be missing starting defenders, the Texans missing Mario Williams and Chris Hope missing on the Titans side. Despite these injuries this should be a very intense game. The Titans and Texans have a heated rivalry and with first place in the division on the line, everyone is gonna be playing with intensity.

The Titans are coming off a bye week after suffering a rather humiliating defeat to the Steelers the week before. That should just increase the fire burning underneath them to really show up and show and good they can be. I expect to see a very fiery offense this weekend. Damian Williams has a lot of heat on him. So does Jared Cook. I expect both to work their butt’s off on the field Sunday. Chris Johnson has gotten beyond frustrated, as I’m sure his offensive line has. With an entire bye week to just sit there and think about what they’ve been doing wrong and what hasn’t been working, I expect to see an improved run game and I expect Chris Johnson to score at least his second touchdown of the season, if not his third as well.

On the defensive side, I expect a lot of pressure being applied to Matt Schuab all game. His line has let him take a lot of beatings lately and he’s hurting coming into this game. The Titans want to keep him uneasy as he’s been less than stellar with all the pressure he’s seen. It’s even easier for the Titans to apply the pressure with the absence of his big target, Andre Johnson. His next big target is his tight end Owen Daniels and there is no doubt the Titans know that. They’ll be doing their best to keep him under wraps. The Titans will also be facing one nasty run offense. Foster seems to have returned to form and in his absence we’ve seen just how much trouble Ben Tate can be. They’ve both been tearing up the ground game and in the absence of Andre Johnson have been seeing a fair share of passes. The Titans will need watch those short passes to make sure they don’t go anywhere.

In the end I think the Texans are too banged up and the Titans have too much fire behind them for the Titans not to come out on top.

Final Score:  

Titans 31  – Texans 17

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