A View From Eagle’s Nest


Good day my fellow Titans fans! This is the first of many Mondays to come that I will post a weekly column called….you guessed it, A View from Eagle’s Nest.

Nothing like coming out of the bye and sliding into first place, Thanks Texans. Its is obvious the Texans are nowhere close to being the same team without A.J. Their vertical passing game has taken a huge hit and with safeties playing closer to the line, Arian just doesn’t have the room to roam. He has however caught the ball well and totalled almost 200 yards in the receiving department in the last two weeks. I know, this can easily turn into a be careful what you wish for kinda scenario, but come on, I’m ecstatic that we get the Texans at our house, minus Johnson and Super Mario.

I’ve got a feelin….That CJ is gonna blow up!!!! I know, I know, I should say he’s done like everyone else is saying but, did you watch the Steelers game before they went up 21-3, which effectively left our running game null and void. CJ looked great, running patiently, picking a hole and exploding through it. Getting Ahmard back is just what we needed for the O. The guy is a LB seeking missile that does too good of a job for it to be overlooked.

Klug me bartender, are people starting to love our 5th round DT as much as I am? Does he also remind you of another overachieving, hard working DT we used to have named Jason Fisk. Did you know that Klug showed up on the Iowa campus as a 200 lb defender?

A few points, watching the Bears-Vikings game lastnight I couldn’t believe that its only taken Mike Martz 2 years to protect his QB. Jay Cutler looked like a new man out there, it was good to see him have more than 5 guys in protecting him.

Do the Cowboys purposely rip the heart out of their fans? They played a good game all day yesterday and then pulled a page out of Jeff Fisher’s playbook and tried to sit on a 3 point lead, on the road, playing what is easily a top 5 QB and a top 5 offense…..guess what, didn’t work, man when will they learn.