United Football Bloggers Power Rank The NFL After Week 5


Taking the top-20 in power rankings from 12 bloggers and averaging a top-15, we have the United Football Bloggers.

The Titans have taken a drop after the schellacking the Steelers put on them. Hey, any given Sunday, right? The Ravens torched the Steelers who beat up the Titans who manhandled the Ravens. It happens to everybody and it does give off an effect in the rankings.

So, without further adeau, week 5.

(1) 1. Green Bay Packers (9)  –  5 – 0   next vs St. Louis Rams

The win over Atlanta on prime time football ranks as their second best effort this season (behind season opener to the Saints). Isn’t that scary? Atlanta’s offense walked all over the Packers at the beginning of the game, while the Falcons D stuffed the Packers. Things changed in the second half, despite Rodgers playing without his top-two offensive tackles. The game against Falcons was more lopsided than the score indicates. Packer defense constantly pressured Matt Ryan to the point that he didn’t look like Matty Ice. Their defense is fierce and offense is on season long hot streak. Unless they suffer major injury issues, they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl again.

(3) 2. New England Patriots (1)  –  4 – 1   next vs Dallas Cowboys

Still very little D in New England, but the offense can’t be stopped.  It was good game against the Jets. Patriots were able to mask their weakness (defense) and play their strength (offense) Tom Brady wasn’t stellar but he did enough job to dissolve Jets’ defense.  This weeks game against Cowboys will be interesting as the defense will be exposed by Cowboy’s explosive offense.

(2) 3. New Orleans Saints  –  4 – 1   next at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They had some trouble against the Panthers, but the Panthers has a dangerous offense even though Cam Newton, their quarterback, is only a rookie. However, Saints’ defense has not had a good game in this season except against the Bears. Saints look like they will win the NFC South as Falcons and Buccaneers all have underachieved this season. They’re cruising into the easiest part of the schedule and should easily extend their win streak to 7 or 8 games.

(5) 4. Baltimore Ravens  –  3 – 1   next vs Houston Texans

Sure they had a bye week and Lions just beat Bears, but if we have to guess who would win if Ravens and Lions play, we would pick Ravens any day, any where. They have been inconsistent this season and offense is still somewhat struggling, but Ravens were always about defense and its defense is still strong. Look for them to dominate Texans this week.

(4) 5. Detroit Lions  –  5 – 0   next vs San Fransisco 49ers

Matthew Stafford to Megatron……….Best QB/WR Duo in the league….Hands down.  Still looking for this team to have quality wins, schedule starts getting harder this week, lets see what they are really about.

(9) 14. Tennessee Titans  3 – 2   next bye

Are the Titans overrated after all?  After looking good against the likes of Cleveland and Denver, Tennessee got absolutely clubbed by the same Pittsburgh team that lost to Tennessee’s division rival Houston the week prior. Tennessee now has a bye to prepare for a home game against a banged up Houston team. That’s easily their biggest game of the season.

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UFB Power Rankers are:

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Nolan Vasan of NFL Draft Geek

Ryan Mc Crystal of Draft Ace

Brian Goldsmith of Hair of the Dog Sports Blog

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