Week 5 Fantasy Report

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The Homeys beat the Plunderers as expected, but not by as big a margin as forecast. Once again Brandon Clark can thank his quarterback as Aaron Rodgers continued his amazing start to the season. The Packers QB threw for 396 yards and 2 TD’s to collect 23 points.

He was not the top scorer for the Homey’s though, as Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs contributed 24 points as he caught 7 passes for 128 yards and 2 TD’s in the 28-24 win over Indianapolis.

It could have been better had Brandon not chosen the Bucs to replace the Bye Week Redskins as his defense. Their 48 point capitulation to San Francisco cost the Homey’s 6 points.

Justin Stewart’s Plunderer’s are a solid, but unspectacular line up. There was no stand out performers, with Matthew Stafford at QB (219 yards passing + 2TD’s – 1 Int), Shonn Greene (83yds rushing + 1 TD) and Greg Jennings (82 yds receiving + 1TD) all contributing 14 points. It may be that Justin needs to look at the Free Agency market for a breakout performer.


There is no doubt about the biggest shock of the weekend. Written off by this correspondent on Sunday morning, the Titans not only won, they did it without replacing the two players , Steven Jackson and Miles Austin who were on bye weeks.

What this fantasy Titans line up do have is Cam Newton, who continued his own incredible start to the season with another 22 points. He threw for 224 yards and 2TD’s and rushed for 27 more and another TD. They also saw a steady contribution from Chris Johnson, although more would have been expected after his initial 25 yard burst than the 51 yards and a TD he finished with.

The key factor in the win though was the 49ers defense who  added 21 points by restricting the Bucs to just a field goal. A TD, 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery were also obtained by the San Francisco D.

Much like Justin’s Plunderer’s, Ernesto’s Team Padaon lacked a star performer on Sunday. “Franchise” player Tom Brady had a steady night, throwing 321 yards and TD in the Patriots win over the Jets. His combination with Welker (124 yards receiving) contributed almost half of the Juniors points. What will be most disappointing for Ernesto is the contributions of Running Backs Jonathan Stewart (20 yds + 13 receiving for Carolina v New Orleans) and James Starks (40 yards rushing and 19 yards receiving for Green Bay v Atlanta) whose 8 points combined was less than the 14 he left on the bench with Willis Magahee (125 yards rushing and a 2 point conversion.)  

That result strengthened the position of the unbeaten Team Mayerhoff who remain 2 games clear at the top of the Western Conference.

Next week sees the Tykes meet the Titans, Team Mayerhoff put their unbeaten record on the line against the Plunderer’s while the winless Con Vicks face Team Padaon Jrs.