What About Quinn Johnson?


After the news of Ahmard Halls four week suspension was announced, the Titans were quick to find a replacement. Most of us fans were a little taken back when the Titans, instead of picking up a free agent, went out to the Green Bay Packers and traded an undisclosed draft pick for their fullback Quinn Johnson. Johnson was drafted by the Packers in 2009 with the 9th pick of the 5th round.

My question is, with Ahmard Hall back from suspension and in the starting lineup, what happens with Quinn Johnson? The Titans have invested a pick in him. Will it essentially be a thrown away pick if they release Johnson?

I truly hate to see any pick go to waste. Just look at the past two years and our 7th round draft picks. Marc Mariani obviously stands out, as he was a pro bowler in his rookie year as a return specialist. Zach Clayton looks to contribute in the DT rotation this year for the Titans. Another Titans 7th rounder from the 2011 draft, Tommie Campbell, looks as if he may have a bright future with the Titans. He’s been working hard as a special teamer and has such size and speed that with the promise he’s shown, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the pro bowl here in a few years.

With late picks having so much possibility tied to them, I’d hate to see the Titans have traded away one of those picks to get a player, only to see that player get released. This is the dilemma the Titans face. How much is Quinn Johnson worth to them?

This year Ahmard Hall is 31. He was an undrafted free agent the Titans signed after the 2006 NFL draft. Hall has been a beloved member of the Titans ever since then. A former Marine, he brings leadership, hard work, and pride to the Titans as an organization. I know I love watching Sarge out there, especially when he gets the ball put in his hands. But how does he equate into this?

Quinn Johnson has collected 30 yards of receiving through 3 receptions with the Titans through the first four games of the season. He’s a huge guy, tipping the scale at 250lbs and being 6’1″. He’s also a young guy, only being 25 years old. I’m just keep trying to rationalize why the Titans spent a pick on him. Why? Why spend a pick on a guy you plan on releasing in four weeks, once your starting fullback returns from suspension? Why not just pick up a free agent fullback? I just don’t see why they would spend that pick unless they have some sort of plan in store for Quinn.

But what plan could they possibly have? Replace Hall? Maybe, but I doubt it. I am just befuddled by this. Time will tell. They have till October 10th to release whatever player they plan on releasing. Until then, I’ll be sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, trying to work this whole thing out in my head.

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