United Football Bloggers Power Rank The NFL After Week 4


Back after week 4, the United Football Bloggers finally wised up and placed the Titans in the top-15. Click below to find out where.

(1)  1. Green Bay Packers (8)  –  4 – 0   next at Atlanta Falcons

Green Bay’s offense is unstoppable, putting up 27 points in each game so far, while the defense has improved in every game as well.  We just want to know why Aaron Rodgers remained the starter when the score was 42-17. You can blame his second interception of the season on a tip that happened at that point.  Peyton Manning’s injury should of been a wake up call, get your second string QB as familiar as possible, you never know.

(2)  2. New Orleans Saints  3 – 1   next at Carolina Panthers

A decent win in Jacksonville considering that the yard markers on the field were pointing the wrong way. Blaine Gabbert was confused by this, but Drew Brees, the veteran, was not.   Brees’ air attack continues to rule the day for New Orleans.  This week Brees should have another fantasy day, little struggle against a struggling Carolina defense.

(3)  3. New England Patriots (1)  –  3 – 1   next vs New York Jets

The Patriots don’t like to lose, and seldom do so twice in a row.  It’s all about the defense for New England, their offense is dominant and cannot be stopped, but unfortunately the defense has many weak spots and is thin. They can beat any team in the league at any time, but games like Buffalo this past week can also happen.  Nice rebound against Oakland, now it’s off to play Big Mouth Rex Ryan and the New York Jets, should make for a great game.

(4)  4. Detroit Lions  4 – 0   next vs Chicago Bears (Monday Night)

Did the Cowboys choke?  Maybe, but the Lions were relentless.  With 7 more home games left, unless Stafford goes down…No way they miss the playoffs…..We have never seen a WR like Calvin Johnson, EVER!. Might be the best jump ball receiver.

(5)  5. Baltimore Ravens  3 – 1   next bye

Outside of that weird Week 2 loss at Tennessee, the Ravens have been very impressive this season. Despite Joe Flacco’s mid-game struggles, they were dominant against the Jets.  With big home win over Jets, Ravens remain in the top 5.

(NR) 9. Tennessee Titans  3 – 1   next at Pittsburgh Steelers

It feels odd to have the Titans ahead of both the Steelers and Jets. But, Pittsburgh is old and slow. As for New York, Tennessee has the better offense and defense (at least statistically).  Titans kept pace with Texans with win over Browns.

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Each week we will be contacting more bloggers to ensure the most accurate and biggest power ranking system available.  Check out all these great blog sites, they are the best in the NFL.