Titan Sized Fantasy League – Week 4

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The other East division match-up saw the CJ Sports take on the winless Con Vicks owned by Andy Clark.

This was another fairly tight encounter but saw Sports bounce back from their defeat last week to Team Mayerhoff.

The Sports produced a very balanced performance with no real outstanding performers. Michael Turner of the Falcons ran for 70 yards and 2TD’s and caught 2 passes for 18 yards to provide 20 points, whilst DeSean Jackson 171 yards receiving hauled in another 17. Drew Brees contributed 15 points with 351 yards passing and 10 rushing plus a TD, but lost points with 2 interceptions.

For the Vicks it was a case of what might have been, Despite the Cowboys and his own continuing woes, Tony Romo still contributed 19 points with 331 yards and 3 TD’s. Arian Foster picked up 22 points with 155 yards and a TD against in the Texans win over the Steelers. But that was about it, and with a bench that almost outperformed his team, the Vicks remain winless. Frank Gore (19), Brandon Lloyd (13), Jordy Nelson (15) and Dan Bailey (13) all outperformed the players selected by Andy and could have earned the Vicks their first win of the season. As it is they remain rooted to the foot of the East on 0-4. CJ Sports move into 2nd, half a game behind the Yorkshire Tykes who they meet next week.


The only team from the West division to play this week earned their first win of the season over the Plunderers.

Ernesto Padaon Jr, the owner of his eponymous team, had the New England combination of Tom Brady and Wes Welker as the major contributors to his 100 points. Brady produced 17 points with 158 of his 226 yards passing finding Welker including 1TD (21pts). Vincent Jackson also added 16 points as he caught 3 passes for 108 yards and a TD in the Chargers 26-16 win over the Dolphins.

For the Plunderers, and their owner Justin Stewart, it could have been so much better. Heading into Monday Night, they looked well beaten trailing by 39 points, but LeGarrette Blount’s 127 yard rushing, 14 yards receiving and a TD harvested 19 points and closed the gap to just 20. The defeat could have been turned to a win if he had selected the stingy Titans D (12 points) over the Eagles who scored just 4, and had brought Owen Daniels off the bench (69 yds receiving and a TD for 12 points in the Texans 17-10 win over the Steelers) instead of Dustin Keller who contributed just 1 point with his 12 yards receiving for the Jets.

In fact, using both teams’ highest scoring players in each position, the Plunderers would have turned a 20 point defeat into a 2 point win. As it is Ernesto’s team picked up the win and moved to 1-1, while the
Plunderers dropped to 1-3.

Matt Mayerhoff and his Team Mayerhoff remain the only team at 1.000% and will remain so next week as they sit out again with a second consecutive bye week. Ricky Adkins Tennessee Titans take on Team Padaon JR next week in a West Division match-up.