NFL Power Rankings: After Week 4/ The Calvin Johnson Edition

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This week’s MVP award for the league goes out to Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who just set the NFL record for consecutive games with 2 or more touchdowns. The great part? He caught the go-ahead TD to beat a team they had trailed 27-3. It was amazing!

In regards to the rankings, well, I’ve invented my own version of the NCAA’s BCS system. It’s called the “Brandon Clark Standings”. Enjoy!Last weeks ranking in parentheses.

(1) 1. Green Bay Packers (4-0)

I just want to know why Aaron Rodgers remained the starter when the score was 42-17. You can blame his second interception of the season on a tip that happened at that point.

(2) 2. New Orleans Saints (3-1)

So, that Darren Sproles guy is the other Wes Welker, huh?

(3) 3. New England Patriots (3-1)

Annnnd….they’re back.

(4) 4. Detriot Lions (4-0)

Is Matt Stafford the new comeback kid? Romo isn’t.

(5) 5. Houston Texans (3-1)

They can pass, they can run and they can play a little defense. That last part’s new.

(12) 6. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

I think that we, all along, knew the Ravens were a top-10 team. The Ravens just didn’t know that.

(6) 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)

They won and I bumped them down 1. Doesn’t this seem like the BCS?

(8) 8. Oakland Raiders (2-2)

Hmmm. Did you know that Campbell is looking pretty good and that Darrius Heyward-Bey caught 116 yards? Did you also know that New England was missing some starters in the secondary?

(11) 9. Chicago Bears (2-2)

200-yd game by Matt Forte should help his argument that he needs a new contract, but maybe the Bears just wanna make him wonder.

(10) 10. Tennessee Titans (3-1)

The Titans right now seem to be a top-15 team, but they’re ranked 10th because certain other teams are too wishy-washy. I reward consistency in these masterfully oblivious, yet poignant and graceful power rankings.

(25) 11. San Francisco 49ers (3-1)

The BCS moved this team the most. Call me crazy, but I’m rooting for Alex Smith.

(15) 12. New York Giants (3-1)

I might start moving these guys up. When Manning is on, they’re great. Too bad it’s one quarter of the game.

(14) 13. San Diego Chargers (3-1)

I have a feeling they will start a big winning streak eventually. I haven’t looked at the schedule but the timing seems to be about right.

(7) 14.Atlanta Falcons (2-2)

It’s still early in the season and I’m looking for style points, not near losses against scrap-heap teams.

(13) 15. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)

If they play like that again, I’ll drop them a few more. The win doesn’t tell the story.