This week, we are visited by Steve Dimatteo, Editor of Dawg ..."/> This week, we are visited by Steve Dimatteo, Editor of Dawg ..."/>

NFL Week 4: Titans Vs Browns, 5 Questions


This week, we are visited by Steve Dimatteo, Editor of Dawg Pound Daily–the Browns blog for the Fansided Network.

1. After practicing with his majesty Brett Favre this summer, how has second-year QB Colt McCoy looked? Is there significant improvement?

Colt McCoy has certainly looked improved, especially when you consider that this will be his first full season as a starter. He didn’t have his best game last week against the Dolphins, unable to display the accuracy he is known for. However, he was able to lead the Browns on a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter to win the game. That type of performance is a true indicator of his improvement, that he can play poorly throughout a game and still lead his team down the field when they need it most.

2. The Browns wide receiver corps seems to be muddled with guys that might have a good career but so far proved, well, nothing. I had high expectations for Brian Robiskie coming out of Ohio State. What’s the update with that crew?

Your guess is as good as anyone’s in Cleveland when it comes to Brian Robiskie. He has simply disappeared from this offense. As for the rest of the group, Mohamed Massaquoi and Greg Little are really emerging as the top receivers in the offense. While they are still lacking a big-play receiver, Little and Massaquoi (even Josh Cribbs) have been impressive so far this season.

3. After not re-signing OLB Matt Roth (who I though was a welcome surprise), and then switching to a 4-3 under a new coaching staff, how’s the defense looking?

You could say that the revamped 4-3 defense is the brightest spot for the Browns so far this season. They are currently third in the NFL in sacks with 11 and the young defensive line is getting consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. It’s a young defense that doesn’t have a lot of depth yet,  but certainly seems to be on the right track.

4. Every time I read something about the Browns, it seems that CB Joe Haden makes the story. Is he really that good?

He sure seems like the real deal. He’s made the jump to near-superstar status in his second season and has been relegated to covering opposing teams’ best receivers. We’ll see if he becomes a true playmaker, but that will only come if teams decide to actually throw his way.

5. Can you please explain the falling out of favor with the front office that RB Jerome Harrison had? I’ve never understood it. The guy was flat-out amazing at the end of one year and now he’s bouncing back and forth between teams. What’s your insider perspective?

That’s just the thing about Harrison. He was always far too inconsistent to be relied upon – sure, he would have a stretch of impressive games (granted his best games with the Browns came at the end of the season), but wouldn’t show up for an even longer stretch. That and the fact that he never seemed to be in favor with the Browns coaching staff. Long story short with Harrison is that he’s best used as a backup.