United Football Bloggers Power Rank the NFL After Week 3


"Editors Note: The United Football Bloggers (UFB) are growing in number and still haven’t managed to replace me. So, the Titans will eventually climb the ladder in these rankings, just not today. Read along and rip it up in the comments."

We would like to first of all welcome the new bloggers to the group.  We would also like to thank all the readers that have read and follow all our bloggers in the UFB.  Once again we are bringing you the latest and the most accurate power rankings.  So take a seat and see if your team made our list.

(2)  1. Green Bay Packers (10)   –   3 – 0    next vs Denver Broncos

Green Bay’s offense is unstoppable, putting up 27 points in each game so far, while the defense has improved in every game as well.   Defense shuts down Cutler and the Packers begin their ascend to repeat. Defense held Matt Forte to 8 inches a rush……That is not a joke either…

(2)  2. New Orleans Saints   –  2 – 1    next at Jacksonville Jauguars

The Saints passing attack has been just as good as the Packers has, although their defense hasn’t been nearly as consistent as we expected. The defense though has a lot of talented pieces, and they should really improve moving forward.   Well, I guess its kinda the story of  ”In Breesus We Trust.”

(1)  3. New England Patriots  –  2 – 1  next at Oakland Raiders

No one’s perfect. They were going to lose a game at some point. The Packers were most preseason pick last year. They lost week 3.  Look how that turned out.  It’s all about the defense for New England, their offense is dominant and cannot be stopped, but unfortunately the defense has many weak spots and is thin. They can beat any team in the league at any time, but games like Buffalo this past week can also happen.

(6)  4. Detroit Lions  –  3 – 0    next at Dallas Cowboys

The Lions are one of three teams still undefeated, a surprise 3-0 team along with Buffalo. The bad news, division rival Green Bay is the 3rd 3-0 team. They’re not getting this division unless they can beat Green Bay head to head twice and I don’t think they can do that.  This weeks match up will give us a better look at how tough this team really is and will be as a measuring stick to let them know if they are ready to take on the Green Bay Packers.

(9)  5. Baltimore Ravens  –  2 – 1   next vs New York Jets

Baltimore has looked dominant in its wins over Pittsburgh and St Louis, though they looked pretty bad in a week 2 loss to the Titans. We suspect their 2 wins are closer to reality than the loss. You think the Ravens didn’t like losing to the Titans? Sam Bradford and company didn’t know what hit them last week, this week should give us an answer.  Are they the real deal or a roller coaster team?

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