NFL Power Rankings: After Week 3


Now that we’ve seen week 3, how have the teams stacked up? Last weeks ranking in parentheses.

(1) 1. Green Bay Packers

Until they lose….and it might be awhile.

(3) 2. New Orleans Saints

This is a special team. Something tells me the NFC Championship game will be the game of the year.

(2) 3. New England Patriots

They beat themselves, well, really, Tom Brady beat them and I’ll give them a pass…once.

(4) 4. Detriot Lions

It’s too bad Barry Sanders missed this.

(5) 5. Houston Texans

This team was so close to making a statement. Will that be said after week 17, as per the usual?

(11) 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is what happens when you fix your lines and draft a stud QB.

(7) 7. Atlanta Falcons

Fitting, right behind the Bucs….

(9) 8. Oakland Raiders

I foresee them causing much damage in January.

(12) 9. Buffalo Bills

I’ll explain. The Raiders missed starters and barely lost a game that the Raiders should’ve won. Then, the Patriots beat themselves as much as the Bills won. I’ll give them a few more games before they are top-5 material.

(13) 10. Tennessee Titans

I’m starting to think that week 1 loss was the result of Hasselbeck not having the time I mentioned he needed with Nate Washington. The loss of Britt stings, but the team has earned a ranking this high. Next week, however, may be a different story.

(6) 11. Chicago Bears

Just because they lost two games (to my #1 and #2) doesn’t mean they’re season is done.

(23) 12. Baltimore Ravens

I just don’t understand this team. Are the Titans top-5? They beat the Ravens pretty good.

(10) 13. Pittsburgh Steelers

If they play like that again, I’ll drop them a few more. The win doesn’t tell the story.

(14) 14. San Diego Chargers

For what it’s worth, I doubt them.

(17) 15. New York Giants

Are they good now?

(8) 16. Philadelphia Eagles

The “dream team”  (thanks VY) isn’t so dreamy.

(21) 17. Dallas Cowboys

I’m not a believer, despite Romo winning two games late. The opponents seemed to beat themselves.

(19) 18. Cleveland Browns

A dark horse, but still running. Big test versus the Titans this week.

(15) 19. Washington Redskins

I don’t believe that Shanahan thinks Grossman is as amazing as he implied.

(16) 20. New York Jets

I agree, Joe Namath. They’re overhyped.

(25) 21. Carolina Panthers

Cam came down to Earth. What’s next? A run game?

(18) 22. St. Louis Rams

It’s a damn shame that Sam Bradford is on that team.

(24) 23. Jacksonville Jaguars

Did you know they have a top-10 defense? Did you know they don’t trust their QB?

(20) 24. Cincinnati Bengals

I still like Andy Dalton. It’s too bad Cedrick Benson will miss 4 games….sooner or later.

(22) 25. San Francisco 49ers

I guess time will tell, but for now they’re not great and they don’t make your eyes hurt. So, there’s that.

(26) 26. Arizona Cardinals

Potential is meaningless unless you win games.

(27) 27. Miami Dolphins

Ever heard the phrase ‘close but no cigar’? Smoke a Cuban, Miami.

(29) 28. Kansas City Chiefs

It’s too bad they didn’t win. Matt Cassel with the colossal blunder proved he’s no good under pressure, but he can be good. So, protect him….

(32) 29. Seattle Seahawks

No excuse to be as bad as they are and it will only get worse the more Tarvaris Jackson starts, at least that’s how I see it.

(30) 30. Indianapolis Colts

They played the Steelers good and if they trust Joseph Addai to run, they might win a game, or two.

(28) 31. Denver Broncos

Will they ever put it together?

(31) 32. Minnesota Vikings

I’ve got it figured out. Just tell them it’s the first half when the third quarter starts. Easy!