Titans Vs Broncos: 5 Questions About The Broncos/Tebow Talk


Today we are joined by Kim Constantineco of Predominantly Orange, Fansided’s Denver Broncos blog. Read along as she tells us a few things to know about the Broncos….and yes, there’s some Tebow talk.

1. With Kyle Orton being a pretty good QB (in my opinion), I’m curious why Denver’s fans seem to hate him. I know the Tebow-mania must be big, it’s just that Orton generally plays well. Is he the new David Garrard?

Orton is a very good QB, but there’s a difference in being a good QB and being one that can lead your team to wins. Orton is 4-13 as Denver’s starter. Tebow is 1-2 as starter. The Tebow-oriented thinking from the fans stems mostly from the team itself. After last year’s 4-12 season, the team promoted the idea of change. A new front office would take shape with Elway making his long-awaited return, the coaching staff would be different, and the roster would look a lot different. The team put Tebow on the front of their packets urging season ticket holders to renew, they put his jersey in the front of the stores at Mile High, and they made it seem like he was the future of the Broncos. There’s a New York State of Mind and then there’s a Denver State of Mind which screams Tebow. It’s not that people dislike Orton, it’s just that he’s the guy that keeps Tebow from getting a fair shot. People want to find out what Tebow really has in the NFL.

2. The Broncos never have a good running game. Is 2011 any different?

The Broncos past two coaches (Shanahan and McDaniels) loved to air it out. John Fox is a run first kind of guy. He likes to win by controlling the clock and slowly moving the chains. The team’s focus in the off season was to pick up a complimentary back to help out 2009’s No. 12 overall draft pick Knowshon Moreno. Moreno is not a between the tackles kind of runner, and he’s had injury problems, so the team signed veteran Willis McGahee. The jury is still out on the Broncos’ running game, but McGahee seems to be more productive than Moreno.

3. After Brandon Lloyd, who should Titans fans be aware of at WR?

Eric Decker. He’s a big receiver (6’3″) and he’s put up great numbers so far. He had 3 catches for 53 yards and one punt return for a TD in week one. In week two, the Broncos were only playing with two wide receivers, yet the Bengals couldn’t stop Decker. He had 5 catches for 113 yards and 2 TDs. The Bengals didn’t even have to worry about Brandon Lloyd (injury). Denver is excited about this 2nd year WR.

4. How has the defense changed with the switch to a 4-3? Has former first-round pick Robert Ayers improved?

Ah, old Tennessee man Ayers. We’re only two games in, but Ayers looks solid. The Broncos defensive line has been hit hard with injuries. Our big free agent pickup Ty Warren has been placed on the IR (torn triceps), and Elvis Dumervil has only played in one game due to a strained shoulder. In preseason, teams were so focused on stopping Dumervil and Von Miller that Ayers made some big plays. He’s the kind of guy where if the focus is on him, he doesn’t do as well. With a heavy pass rush when Denver is healthy, Ayers thrives.

5. Can we get a quick scouting report on everyone in coverage? I know the big names: Champ Baily, Brian Westbrook….Who is after that?

Champ Bailey is questionable for Sunday, but longtime safety Brian Dawkins provides plenty of big hits and leadership for the young guys in the secondary. If Bailey can’t go, second-year corner Cassius Vaughn will start in his place. At right corner is veteran Andre Goodman. Also at safety is rookie Rahim Moore. Moore was drafted out of UCLA in the 2nd round. If the Titans know what’s good for them, they will test the young guys in the secondary. They’ve already given up some big plays this season.