top-15 rankings, including mine and Ad..."/> top-15 rankings, including mine and Ad..."/> top-15 rankings, including mine and Ad..."/>

United Football Bloggers NFL Power Rankings: After Week 2


Back again, and with more and more bloggers jumping in. The UFB posted the new top-15 rankings, including mine and Adam Hughes of Naptowns Finest (Colts on Fansided).

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, bloggers give their top-20 rankings over to CJ Sports, who then averages them together and we get the top-15, and here they are.

(2)  1. New England Patriots (6) –   2 – 0   next at Buffalo Bills

After two weeks at the second spot, the Patriots take number one.  With Tom Brady have already thrown for 940 yards and a completion percentage of 71.6%, this offense looks invincible.  The defense is looking rather fragile, but comes up big when needed.

(1)  2. Green Bay Packers (4) –  2 – 0   next at Chicago Bears

With a lot of experts, critics, and bloggers still having Green Bay number one, the UFB found themselves dropping them in at number two.  They are the defending champs, still undefeated, and have an explosive offense.  It is the defense though that has them slipping.  In two games the defense has already allowed 975 total offensive yards.  The defense has’[t stopped anything.  How long will the offense bail them out???

(5)  3. New Orleans Saints –   1 – 1    next vs Houston Texans

With the Saints being a highly favored team to win it all, they have climbed back into the top of the rankings.  The Saints really intrigue us.  We already know about their explosive offense, but their defense has shown us two very opposite sides.  If the same defense can show up all year like the one that showed up at the Bears game, they will be on top looking down on the whole league.

(8)  4. New York Jets –   2 – 0   next at Oakland Raiders

Will Rex Ryan’s guarantee of a Super Bowl come true?  The Jets defense looks as good as any in the league, but it’s not like that is a big surprise.  Just like it is no big shocker that Mark Sanchez inconsistent.  Sanchez has to become an elite quarterback if Rex Ryan and the New York Jets want to become the champs!!!

(4)  5. Philadelphia Eagles –  1 – 1   next vs New York Giants

Vick is the Eagles as Manning is the Colts and its hard to run the offense because of his special skill set that they build it around…All though Kafka didn’t do too bad in relief, how will the Eagles perform if Vick is unable to play next week?  The Eagles have a very productive offense, can’t wait to see them match wits with the New York Giants defense.

(11) 6. Detroit Lions  –  2 – 0  next at Minnesota Vikings

Detroit is tops in the NFL in positive point differential, they are an impressive +52.  Better then the Vick led Eagles, Brady led Patriots, and Rodgers led Packers…Stafford to Megatron might be the best QB/WR combo in the league right now, and Ndamukong Suh has completely changed the feel of the defense…Things are good and on the way up in the motor city.

(6)  7. Houston Texans  –  2 – 0   next at New Orleans Saints

Now ripping up on the lifeless Colts, and beating the Dolphins isn’t the biggest of wins but with the Saints, Steelers, Raiders and Ravens looming, this will be a tested team, and needs to come out of that 5 game trip 3-2. If not better to make a statement, other then that? They continue to be the pushover team who beats the teams worse then them, but lose to the better.

(7)  8. Chicago Bears  –  1 – 1     next vs Green Bay Packers

Wow, we have never seen an offensive line look so horrifically bad. This team is gonna do nothing unless they fix this. Cutler has no shot to even look down field for receivers and the Bears don’t got a shot either if they can’t protect him.  They should have a productive week against a defense that has already allowed 975 offensive yards.

(3)  9. Baltimore Ravens  –  1 – 1    next at St. Louis Rams

The Ravens have shown us two very different teams.  The first week they showed us one of the toughest and nastiest teams we had ever seen.  Then walked all over the Steelers in every way possible.  Then the second week, they could not get anything going.  They better get it together or Sam Bradford and the Rams will make it a very long day for them.

(9) 10. Pittsburgh Steelers  1 – 1     next at Indianapolis Colts

Even if it was a garbage win over the “Suck For Luck” sweepstakes contestant the Seattle Seahawks, Steelers needed a big bounce back game……And they got it.  Now that they had a chance to flex and feel better about themselves, lets see if they can continue the same intensity every week.

(10) 11. San Diego Chargers  1 – 1   next vs Kansas City Cheifs

Took a shot at the Patriots but could not take down Tom Brady.  It was a competitive game until the very end.  Even after Gates was taken out of the game by Patriots’ defense, they were a few stupid plays away from winning.  Its ok though, The Kansas City Chiefs are in town…Look for a big day from Philip Rivers this week as he exploits that weak banged up defense of the Chiefs

(14) 12. Atlanta Falcons  1 – 1     next at Tampa Bay Bucs

Matt Ryan and the Falcons had a much better week against the Eagles then they did against the Bears.  Still not sure how good this team really is, if Michael Vick had not gone out of the game, would they be 0 – 2?  They play a real solid Tampa Bay team this week, we should get a better feel after this week.

(13) 13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  1 – 1    next vs Atlanta Falcons

They just find ways to win, snatching a win away from the Vikings with 14 in the final quarter last week. Josh Freeman who was poised for a breakout year is very up and down so far, his 67.6 Completion Percentage is nice, but his 2 TD’s to 3 Turnovers isn’t, and it doesn’t get easier either. Matty Ice and the Falcons are in town this week, and he will have to out score Ryan and that offense to avoid a loss, against a defense that isn’t fantastic, but isn’t horrible either.

(NR) 14. Washington Redskins  2 – 0   next at Dallas Cowboys

They beat a horrible New York Giants team in week one and an Arizona Cardinals team who is unable to stop anybody.  Next weeks match-up will be a reality check.  At least they made the list for one week.

(NR) 15. Buffalo Bills  2 – 0   next vs New England Patriots

Are the Bills for real? Time to figure out. The Date? 1:00pm EST, Ralph Wilson Stadium. Your dance partner???   Gulp…….The New England Patriots and some cat named Tom Brady.The Bills are scoring big and are exciting to watch, lets see if they bring that excitement against the Patriots.

( ) left of rankings indicates previous weeks rankings

( ) next to teams indicates first place votes

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