NFL standings after week 2..... some changes are in order. 1. Green..."/> NFL standings after week 2..... some changes are in order. 1. Green..."/> NFL standings after week 2..... some changes are in order. 1. Green..."/>

NFL Power Rankings: After Week 2


NFL standings after week 2….. some changes are in order.

1. Green Bay Packers

The Champs haven’t lost yet.

2. New England Patriots

I can’t say enough about Tom Brady. This could wind up being his best year….by far.

3. New Orleans Saints

They might win the Super Bowl.

4. Detriot Lions

Matt Stafford is the real deal, no question.

5. Houston Texans

I feel obligated to rate them this high. They need more games to prove it, and they’ll have them.

6. Chicago Bears

They’re good, the Saints are just that much better.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Wow, that was close!

8. Philadelphia Eagles

No Vick and Falcons barely win. Kafka looked outstanding in spot play.

9. Oakland Raiders

I know they lost, but I’m leaving them here.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

It was fun to rank them that low (last week) for once. It will be the last time.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A young QB that doesn’t fold under pressure leads to wins.

12. Buffalo Bills

Their WR’s are dropping like flies. It’s too bad.

13. Tennessee Titans

Here you go, Titans fans. Impressive win.

14. San Diego Chargers

It’s not December, we can rank them in the top-20.

15. Washington Redskins

Wait and see.

16. New York Jets

I’m still not a believer. Any offense looks good when the other team throws miserably bad.

17. New York Giants

They were handed the first half of the game and played adequately enough for the second half.

18. St. Louis Rams

Easily could’ve won against the Giants. Bradford looked magnificent. He needs WR’s!

19. Cleveland Browns

They’re getting better, but that was a BAD Colts team they edged by.

20. Cincinnati Bengals

I’m liking what I see from Andy Dalton. AJ Green looked outstanding.

21. Dallas Cowboys

I don’t even know what to say….big test on MNF.

22.  San Francisco 49ers

Child, please!!

23. Baltimore Ravens

Wanna move back up the rankings, play better. Jekyll and Hyde here.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars

The star of QB Blaine Gabbert. Rookie vs Rookie. Gabbert plays Cam Newton’s Panthers this week.

25. Carolina Panthers

Their top two LBers are out for the season, that’s unfortunate.

26. Arizona Cardinals

I can easily imagine them moving up this list.

27. Miami Dolphins

The pieces just can’t make the puzzle whole. Clock is ticking.

28. Denver Broncos

Orton is clearly better than Tebow, but they won’t win this year.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

Play some defense!!

30. Indianapolis Colts

They stopped the run well. Peyton Hillis only had 94 yards.

31. Minnesota Vikings

I’m surprised they’re this bad, but they played Tampa well…until the game was decided.

32. Seattle Seahawks

Not scoring is inexcusable.

As always, feel free to tear them up in the comments.