NFL Power Rankings: After Week 1


NFL standings after week 1, in my opinion, of course.

1. Green Bay Packers

The Champs haven’t lost yet.

2. Baltimore Ravens

They deserve the bump up after the whopping they put on the Steelers.

3. New Orleans Saints

This is a great team. 1 yard away from overtime with my number 1 ranked team.

4. Chicago Bears

They got better, and after finishing 1 game out from a Super Bowl, better is briliant.

5. New England Patriots

They have Tom Brady….and his 500 yards

6. Detroit Lions

Stafford can be special, I just hope he stays healthy.

7.Philadelphia Eagles

The “Dream Team”, I hope it turns into a nightmare.

8. Oakland Raiders

They run the ball and stop the run.

9. Houston Texans

I’m starting to think week 1 was a fluke, we’ll see vs Miami–a team they should dominate.

10. Atlanta Falcons

I call fluke.

11. Washington Redskins


12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I think they’re great. The Lions were just better.

13.Buffalo Bills

Are they for real? 4 passing touchdowns?

14. Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s see how far the “mighty” fall.

15. San Diego Chargers

This team never knows who they are. Are they any good?

16. Jacksonville Jaguars

Did Chris Johnson falter or were the Jags that great on D?

17. Arizona Cardinals

They allowed yards not TD’s. By the way, Kevin Kolb threw for over 300 yards….and 2 TD’s.

18. Cincinatti Bengals

Let’s hope QB Andy Dalton is healthy, he looked pretty good.

19. San Francisco 49ers

I just don’t know. Let’s keep watching here.

20. Denver Broncos

I think they get better they were close to the Raiders. Orton wasn’t great.

21. Miami Dolphins

They’re better than people think. Henne might grow….maybe.

22. New York Jets

I am not a believer. They falter this year.

23. Carolina Panthers

Speaking of not believing….

24. Tennessee Titans

They’ll get better. These are the week 1 rankings, after all. I just had to rank them here. That game wasn’t near as close as the scoreboard. Better luck against….the Ravens. Uh-oh!

25. Cleveland Browns

Unmet Potential is a waste.

26. St. Louis Rams

They looked terrible and now Bradford may be out, may come back. The biggest concern lies in the injury to workhorse RB Steven Jackson.

27. Dallas Cowboys

Romo will never be confused with “clutch”.

28. Kansas City Chiefs

That locker room must be a disaster. HC Todd Haley better fix it quick.

29. New York Giants

Too many injuries to a decent team. They might not recover

30. Seattle Seahawks

Starting QB Tarvaris Jackson is the second-best on his team.

31. Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb should be cut.

32. Indianapolis Colts

They’re done.

As always, feel free to tear them up in the comments.