Titans: Who is Quinn Johnson?


The Titans recently completed a trade for Green Bay fullback Quinn Johnson. Who is he and what can Titans fans expect from him?

Born in New Orleans, Johnson went on to play for the LSU Tigers, even winning a BCS National Championship in 2007 with Green Bay Packers backup QB Matt Flynn at the helm. According to his biography on Packers.com, Johnson blocked for an 1,100 yard rusher each of his final two seasons with the Tigers. This marked the second time in school history that two different rushers back-to-back made it to 1,100 yards in a season. No doubt, the blocking helped accomplish this feat. Drafted in the 5th round by the Green Bay Packers in the 2009 NFL Draft, Johnson served primarily as a backup for the squad, but was a part of the Super Bowl winning team in 2010. That makes two national titles Johnson has been a part of.

The 6’1″ and 263 lb fullback enters the Titans primed for breakout year. With current FB Ahmard Hall suspended for testing positive in taking performance-enhancing drugs, Johnson comes to the Titans to start the first four games minimum. A downhill blocker, Johnson adds a whole new element to the running game. The trade of an undisclosed pick for  big, blocking fullback looks to be a great move by GM Mike Reinfeldt. This could even improve Chris Johnson’s ability to get past the LBers of the opposing team.

The pairing with Chris Johnson looks to be great for both Johnsons, can’t you already hear the nicknames– Johnson and Johnson, they do make your eyes water. All jokes aside, this really does seem to be a great move and I look for Johnson to be on the squad and blocking for the other Johnson much longer than current starter Ahmard Hall. The new Johnson blocks much more punishingly than Hall and at 263 lbs compared to Hall’s 241 lbs, Johnson holds more weight to throw into the would-be tacklers. Expect the Titans run game to be even more physical in 201.

From the Titans official website:

"Additionally, the Titans completed a trade with the Green Bay Packers to acquire FB Quinn Johnson for an undisclosed future draft pick. Originally a fifth round pick from LSU by the Packers in the 2009 Draft, Quinn (6-1, 263) has played in 20 NFL games, including four starts last year for the Super Bowl Champions."