Titans At Saints: 10 Questions


Tune in for 10 Questions with Keith Null, the editor of Who Dat Dish, the Saints blog on the Fansided Network.

1. Last season, I turned on a random preseason game and found myself caught off guard with how well Drew Brees looked. I knew it was preseason but WOW did he look good. Then, a few players later, the announcer said “Daniels with his third completion in a row”. My jaw dropped. How has Chase Daniel looked this pre-season and what are the long-term expectations?

Daniel has looked decent, but he has shown a tendancy to hold the ball for a little too long. He is young and aggressive, which likely contributes to this as he desperately wants to make a play every time he has the football. Brees has taken Daniel under his wing and he will continue to help the former Mizzou Tigers develop into a starting caliber talent.

2. With our star RB getting paid today (Chris Johnson), when will Drew Brees get paid?

Brees agent Tom Condon is currently in talks with the Saints, and I expect for them to get a new lucrative deal in place sometime in the next few months.

3. Rookie RB Mark Ingram reportedly had a flare up on his knee recently. Is there any update to that and was it overblown?

The swelling was very minor at best. The Saints, airing on the side of caution, chose to sit him for a few practives. He is fine and it’s expected that his knee will give him no significant problems moving forward.

4. With Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram and now Darren Sproles in the mix, who gets the majority of carries? That’s a crowded backfield.

Yes it is a crowded backfield, but one I think most teams would love to have. Payton will utilize each more so in the area they excel. Thomas for instance is a great screen running back, Ingram is phenomenal in short yardage and goal line, while Sproles is a scat back style third down threat.

5. WR Robert Meachem seems to come under fire as much as he receives praise. What’s your current assessment of the guy that stole an interception against the Redskins?

Meachem continues to improve each and every year, and if no for an ankle injury that slowed his productions last season, may have come close to posting his first 1000 yard season. Now fully healed and posessing a good handle on the Saints offense he could have a big, big year in store.

6. Malcolm Jenkins seems to have solidified his spot at free safety. How does his play look compared to 2008 Darren Sharper?

Jenkins should be even better than Sharper was during his nine interception season of 2009. Great work ethic, athletic, fantastic instincts, and the full confidence of Gregg Williams could mean he becomes this seasons defensive MVP.

7. How has DT Sedrick Ellis looked? I’ve heard many different opinions ranging from ‘overdrafted’ to ‘magnificient’ and I haven’t been able to study him.

Ellis is a great pass rusher and plays the run about as well as any other defensive tackle in the league. New Orleans though has never really  put any weapons around him prior to this season. Now that he has Aubrayo Franklin and Shaun Rogers to flank him I expect a very big year. Pro Bowl?

8. What’s the prediction for the NFC South shakedown this season? It’s starting to look tougher and tougher every year.

The division will come down to the Saints and Falcons without a doubt. Most pundits, and myself included, beleiver the Saints have a better roster this year then they did when they won the Superbowl in 2009. Brees is also the NFC South’s only starting quarterback that has actuall won a playoff game. The Saints have to be considered the favorites to take the division.

9. After losing out early in the playoffs this past season, did it seem like a fluke or a sign of more things to come?

Fluke, and the Saints defense will prove that’s the case when the season kicks off in September.

10. What new-comers to the team should Titans fans be looking out for?

There are several but the most obvious would ahve to be running back Joique Bell. Last week Bell gashed the Raiders for 140 total yards and a touchdown. he is hard to tackle and is very elusive, now that he is fightning for a roster spot I expect him to be running hard tonight.