NFL Pre-Season: Titans vs Bears


At 7pm Central time tonight, the Titans host the Chicago Bears in what will amount to being the most exciting pre-season game.

With the starters likely playing a full 3 quarters, what should you be looking for?


The number one thing to look for as a Titan fan will be how Hasselbeck plays against the Bears’ pass rush. Having Julius Peppers running at you certainly changes things. Can Hasselbeck retain his smooth play from week’s 1 and 2?

The RB’s

Javon Ringer and Jamie Harper have both looked great in the pre-season thus far, but with Ringer out, can Jamie Harper repeat last week’s performance for 3 quarters against Brian Urlacher and co.? Don’t forget that this team played in the NFC Championship game this past season. Everything they offer amounts to a great test for this young Titans squad.

The Pass Rush

If the Titans don’t get 3 sacks, I’ll be heavily disappointed. If you watched any Bears games in 2010, you’d wonder how bad the Bears’ staff hated QB Jay Cutler. Cutler never seemed to have the appropriate amount of time on any given play. Over the last 3 years, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger and Jacksonville’s David Garrard seem to have been the most hit and most pressured QB’s in the NFL. Hasselbeck (then a Seahawk) would b on that next tier. Jay Cutler’s body took such a beating in 2010, that the bar for ‘most hit QB’ was raised. So, let’s see these guys go get the QB.

I imagine that the Titans would like to further their looks at rookie QB Jake Locker, so he might get a larger amount of first-team reps than most would predict. The young secondary may have trouble with the speedy WR Johnny Knox who may have stolen the starter job from WR Roy Williams, who is reportedly out of shape.

I’ve got work and will miss the game, but feel free to comment on the game right here.

John Glennon lists the Titans injuries:

"Titans injuries. WR Kenny Britt (hamstring), DE Jason Jones (knee), DE Derrick Morgan (knee), T Troy Kropog (knee) and RB Javon Ringer (hip) are out."