No Chris Johnson, No Problem


The Chris Johnson “situation” doesn’t appear to be making any progress and with that in mind, I look at what we’d be facing if the leagues most feared back held out for an entire season, or at least part of it.

Chris Johnson is an incredible back and yes it would certainly hurt us if he held out for part or all of the season but after how he’s been acting of late, my personal feelings for him have definitely shifted towards the negative side. He’s hurting the entire team by doing this and wasting precious time. All he has to do is come in and sit down with the front office and get this whole contract dispute worked out. If he doesn’t like how it goes, he can walk right back out the door and do the same thing he’s doing right now. But instead he’s staying away and making this whole thing so much worse than it has to be. I’d almost prefer we’d trade him at this point…

But personal feelings aside, with the way things seem to be going, it’s likely that Chris Johnson could leave us high and dry for at least a few games.What’re we gonna be looking like if that happens?

Just the same as everybody else.

He’s only been in the league about three years and being behind Chris Johnson isn’t the best way to get reps, but I think he may very well be one of the best kept secrets around. I’m of course speaking of the back up to CJ2K, Javon Ringer.

This last year Ringer got 51 attempts which he used to gain 239 yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s a 4.7 average for yards per attempt. He also had 7 receptions for 44 yards. Yes these aren’t the most impressive stats, especially when they are  collected behind CJ2K, but I like what this guy has to offer. Every year while CJ is away from the workouts and camps doing his own things, Ringer is with the team, taking ALL the carries they’ll give him. You never hear this man complain. Ever. He gets squat for playing time, and he just works as hard as he can so that when it’s his time, he can do his very best. I think given the reps, Ringer can prove himself at least as good as any other normal starter in this league. I’d expect way more from Ringer than I have ever seen in the Colts Addai. This guy has more heart than Chris Johnson could ever dream of and is a guy that is impossible to hate.

If Chris Johnson doesn’t want to work things out, then he can go broke paying his $30,000 daily fines. Javon Ringer’s my guy and I, for one, am excited to see him get more reps and prove himself to be the running back I know he is.

I forgot to mention, Javon Ringer can BLOCK.

Go Titans!!!