Dear Titans Fans: Use NFL Pre-Season Pass


It was always difficult for me on Sundays when I was young. There were two choices on TV: Saints or Colts. Sometimes they would play each other and I would get a look at the Atlanta Falcons. Then came NFL Sunday Ticket on DirectTV. It was amazing, you had the ability to watch any teams’ game. Unfortunately, we had Dish Network. Now, the NFL gives us fans yet another option: The Game Pass.

The NFL has shown tremendous growth over the last 20 years and with that growth comes a responsibility to the fan. I mean, after all, they do want to keep the fans interested, right? Thankfully, the NFL realized that a few years ago and created the NFL Game Pass. The Game Pass allows fans to watch any game they want, in High Definition, and never miss keeping up with their favorite teams. Once you sign up, all you need is internet. This might be the best product the NFL pushed out since football.

Unless you want to stay up until an odd hour of the night to catch the pre-season games on NFL Network, then I reccomened you go ahead and pay the money for this. It’s cheap, the Pre-Season Pass is only $14.99. This includes the entire pre-season. All the teams.

These prices are hard to beat. You get your team and all the others to stream online. They even archive it so you can watch games after they’ve been played.They’ve also got some buttons that really help improve the viewing experience. Don’t you hate when you disagree with a playcall but there’s no replay? The new buttons give you the ability to rewind 10 seconds or fast forward 10 seconds. It’s brilliant!

I know this sounds like an ad, but I’m only telling you about this because it helps my viewing experience. I can’t go the games, yet I can keep up with all the action right from my computer. I’m not getting paid to tell you about it. It really helps.

The best part: You can stream four games at once. Now you can really keep up with extra information to dominate your Fantasy Football League.

They also have an offer for the regular season called the Game Pass. It’s only $29.99, also a good deal.