Dear Titans Fans, In Regards to Preseason


I know that most of you readers are intellectual and capable of noticing things on your own….really I’m just assuming, BUT in the event that you aren’t familiar with the way the preseason works, let’s go over 3 main things to keep in mind.

#1 Final Score Doesn’t Matter

The starters will not play the whole game. That’s right, neither teams starters will play the whole game. Just keep that in mind when you miss the game and see a score like 35-12. It doesn’t matter what end of that 35-12 the Titans are on, it was mostly backups vs backups and at the end of the game it will be a mix of 3rd stringers and guys that probably won’t make the team. So, let me repeat: THE FINAL SCORE…..DOESNT MATTER. Got it? Cool.

#2 It’s been about 11 days

What I’m saying is take a break and chill out if certain players don’t meet your expectations. These guys haven’t yet gotten two weeks of practice in. The team has new coordinators, a new head coach and new players at critical positions. Place no expectations when examining these guys, just look for potential. See what they can become, especially rookie QB Jake Locker. I would advise to wait about two weeks before the judgement rains down from your fountain of football expertise (I have the same thing, it’s a beautiful fountain, really) and slams onto the players.

#3 Pay Attention to Chemisty

The interesting thing for Titans fans is that you get to watch two different quarterbacks playing with the first teamers. So, watch Hasselbeck throwing with the receivers and then watch Locker throwing with the receivers. Whichever quarterback seems to have the best connection/chemistry with the recievers will be my best bet to finish the season as a starter. Unless Locker has the best, then Hasselbeck dominates out of the gate once the regular season begins.

Alright guys, you have a good one. I’ll be working a lot tomorrow and will unfortunately miss the game, so enjoy it a little extra for me, you know, if ya don’t mind having too much fun watching football.

Oh and let me know if Britt gets arrested during the game. 🙂