Madden 12: Titans Ratings: Defense/Special Teams


Back again.  This time with the defense and special team ratings.  Again this is not the up to date roster. This will be the roster the game starts with so I’m just going to do the players we still have.


Will Witherspoon OVR 84,  Akeem Ayers OVR 72, Rennie Curran OVR 66


Gerald McGrath OVR 74,  Patrick Bailey OVR 64


Colin McCarthy OVR 67, Colin Allred OVR 65, Ken Amato OVR 51

Witherspoon is about spot on.  Ayers I think should of been at the least 76 or 77.  I’m sure after a few games and roster updates his overall rating will sky rocket.  Curran is about right considering he really didn’t get any playing time last season.  Hopefully he will this season because he was a beast in college.

McGrath is pretty accurate.  Hopefully he has a good season this year because I think he has alot of potential.   Bailey is pretty accurate so no complaints there.

McCarthy is pretty accurate now but if he gets a descent amount of playing time that 67 will jump up to at least the mid 70s.  Hes got potential.  Allred and Amato aren’t very good so their ratings are about right.


Dave Ball OVR 81, Derrick Morgan OVR 77, Jacob Ford OVR 71


William Hayes OVR 71, Pannel Egboh OVR 64, Hall Davis OVR 63

Ball is about right.  Hopefully he can do as well as he was doing last season.  Morgan is accurate, but would have been alot higher if didn’t get hurt last season.  Look for him to be in beast mode this season.  I feel like Ford should be at least a 75, the dude is awesome when he’s healthy.

Hayes is right.  He needs to step it a notch.  Egboh??  I have no idea who the hell that guy is.  Davis I know nothing about either.


Jason Jones OVR 84, Jovan Haye OVR 75, Jurrell Casey OVR 70, Sen’Derrick Marks OVR 68, Karl Klug OVR 67, Zach Clayton OVR 61, Malcolm Sheppard OVR 57

Jones I feel should be at least a 87 or 88.  I feel that Haye is good at 75.  Casey I’ve read alot of  good things about him, and he could end up being one of the starting DTs.  Klug and Clayton are probably about right, though I’ve read good things about them as well.  Marks is just about right, he most likely will be a starter but if he doesn’t step it up he will lose that spot as quickly as he earned it.  Sheppard I know nothing about.


Michael Griffin OVR 91, Vincent Fuller OVR 74, Robert Johnson OVR 66


Chris Hope OVR 87, Nick Schommer OVR 67, Myron Rolle OVR 66, Donnie Nickey OVR 65

Griffin is one of the best players on the defense and 91 suits him well.  Fuller has lots of potential but doesn’t see alot of playing time, so 74 is about right.  Johnson should see a little playing time this season, and he might even beat out Fuller for back up free safety.

Hope is about right despite what everyone says about him.  Yes, he missed some huge tackles last season, but he was tied for 3rd on the team in total tackles so give the guy a break. Schommer, Rolle, and Nickey are all about right.


Cortland Finnegan OVR 90, AlterraunVerner OVR 78, Jason McCourty OVR 71, Pete Ittersagen OVR 61, Ryan Mouton OVR 61, Chris Hawkins OVR 59

Finnegan another one of our best defensive guys, so 90 is good.  Verner is about right.  He had an awesome rookie season and I hope he picks up right where he left off.  McCourty is about right, even though he may start which would make ranking him lower than Verner an odd move.  Ittersagen I don’t know much about.  Mouton I’m not a fan of, but he’s out for the season anyway.  Hawkins is another I know nothing about.


Rob Bironas OVR 95


Brett Kern OVR 63

Bironas is one of the best kickers in the league if not the best so 95 I feel is a perfect rating.  Kern I figured would have at least been a 70 overall.  He’s not the best punter in the league but hes certainly not the worst and with a 63 rating, it seems that Madden thinks he is, in fact, the worst punter in the league.

So there it is, all the defensive and special team ratings for the Titans in Madden NFL 12.  Madden is in stores August 30th and I for one can not wait.  I’ve played the demo and let me tell ya, it is SO much better than the last few years.  They actually improved alot of things such as gameplay and franchise mode for this year.  Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.