Madden 12: Titans Ratings: Offense


With the release of Madden 12 just around the corner I figured I would make my first post about the overall ratings and whether I agree or disagree with them.

*Note the roster is not updated yet. This is the roster that they game will start out with so I’ll just list the players that are still  the Titans roster.

First lets start with the QB.

Jake Locker OVR 74   Rusty Smith OVR 60  Brett Ratliff  OVR 59.

I completely agree with Smith and Ratliff.  Locker on the other hand I disagree slightly.  Given we haven’t seen perform in a Titans uniform yet but dude was a beast in college.  Yes I know about the accuracy issues.  But c’mon a 74?  Really??  I’d at least given him a 78 possibly 79 but that just me.


Chris Johnson OVR 96  Javon Ringer OVR72  Stafon Johnson OVR 63  Jamie Harper OVR 62.

I feel CJ should be a 99.  No questions asked.  He’s the best back in the league.  I think Ringer deserved at least a 75.  SJ and Harper are probably good for now.  I might change that opinion after I see them in action.


Ahmard Hall OVR 88.

Totally agree.  Sarge is one the best fullbacks in the league.  Well I think so anyways.


Kenny Britt OVR 86  Nate Washington OVR 78  Justin Gage OVR 75  Marc Mariani OVR 70  Lavelle Hawkins 68  Damian Williams 67  Yamon Figurs OVR 44.

Britt is about spot on, only because he missed a few games last season. Washington is about right.  Would be higher if he didn’t drop alot of ball.  Gage should be gone so I’ll it at that.  Mariani should be a little higher but we really don’t really know what hes got outside of returning the ball.  Hopefully we will find out this season.  Williams I agree with.  He has the potential to be a starter next to Britt.  Figurs has amazing speed but he probably won’t last past the preseason so I’m not worried about him


Jared Cook OVR 76  Craig Stephens OVR 70  Ryan Geer OVR 59.

I feel like Cook is gonna have a breakout season this year.  So that 76 with jump up alot in Madden 13.  Stephens will be a good back up so 70 is good.  Geer won’t make the team so it don’t matter.



Michael Roos OVR 91  Troy Kropog OVR 66


David Stewart OVR 91  Mike Otto OVR 70


Jake Scott OVR 83  Fernado Velasco OVR 54


Leroy Harris OVR 80  Ryan Durand 69


Eugene Amano OVR 73  Kevin Matthews 63

I’m pretty satisfied here.  I think Matthews should take over at center because I think he did a whole lot better than Amano did last year.

I’ll be back in a day or two with the ratings and opinions for the defense and special teams.      GO TITANS!!!