Titan’s Players to Watch this Preseason


Our Boys n’ Blue face off against the Minnesota Vikings this Saturday in their first preseason game of the year. It’ll be the first look we all will get at the new Titan’s schemes and I for one, am very excited. Probably the most exciting part; we get to see all the new players in action. Continue reading for the list of players to watch for this coming Saturday…

Akeem AyersCurrently listed as a starting OLB opposite of Will Witherspoon, this 2011 2nd round (steal of the draft) will be looking to solidify his starting position with a strong showing this preseason. I’m very excited to see him in action. I expect him to be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Jurrell Casey Another selection from this years draft class for the Titan’s, Casey was taken in the 3rd round. Casey is not listed as a DT but instead second string behind Sen’Derrick Marks. I expect to see him getting in his share of the rotations and possibly moving up to be a starter if he does well enough. He’s a big bodied boy and I’m excited to see him in the mix and adding some size the the Titan’s d-line.

Jordan BabineauxOne of the most recent additions to the Titan’s roster, Babineaux will be competing with Chris Hope to be the starting strong safety. People have speculated Babineaux was brought in to replace Hope so I expect there to be quite the competition between these two. I think most of our defense got a bad rap this last year due to a terrible play book and coaching. Maybe Hope will be able to pick it back up this year. We’ll see. May the best man win!

Matt HasselbeckThe new Titan’s starting QB. Hasselbeck should start for most if not all of this year and be Jake Locker’s Tutor. Depending on how fast Locker can learn and grow, Hasselbeck may be the QB for next year as well. I’m not so high on Hasselbeck’s play. He’s really fallen off of late. I’m going to be watching to see how well he is connecting with the receivers and if maybe Seattle wasn’t just the problem (doubtful). It was still the right idea for the Titan’s to go and get him and I’ll be cheering him on, no matter my opinion of his play.

Shaun SmithAnother recent addition to the Titan’s roster, Smith comes most recently from the Kansas City Chiefs. Smith is currently listed as a starting DT next to Sen’Derrick Marks. His size was one of the major reason’s for bringing him in. This journeyman has a lot to prove to me. The only reason I see for him starting right now is being a big body boy and a veteran. I’ll be watching theses preseason games, waiting for him to prove himself.

Jamie HarperYet another of the Titan’s 2011 draft picks, 4th rounder Jamie Harper will be looking to become a goal-line/bruiser back for the Titans. With the current absence of Chris Johnson, Harper should be seeing some increased playing time in these preseason games. Chris Johnson should end up showing up in the end and getting his contract worked out, so Harper doesn’t really have a shot at starting, but he will be battling it out with the Titan’s other great running back, Javon Ringer. Ringer has been a really great guy for the Titans, never complaining, just working hard and showing up ready to play. It’ll be between these two guys, as well as Stafon Johnson, for the back up position behind CJ2K… if he shows up.

All the Titan’s Receivers-  This may be the thing I’m watching the most. They’re all in a battle for starting positions. Currently it’s Britt, Washington, and Williams in there, but it’s really open. We’ve got quite the young receiving corps and they all have potential. Lavelle Hawkins has been held back by Fisher for the past couple years, so this maybe be his first actual chance to prove himself on the field. Marc Mariani has shown great speed and potential, and as someone who watched him in college (I attend his rival school MSU-Bozeman), I’ve seen him a bit, and Mariani has some great hands. I think he’ll be a great slot guy for us in the future. They’re all exciting and I can’t wait to see them hit the field this Saturday!

Can wait to hear that beautiful sound again…. “Touchdown Tennessee Titans!!!