Titans’ Finnegan Makes Regrettable Move


If you haven’t read any NFL news lately, let me update you on Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Finnegan skipped mandatory meetings on Saturday without notice, leaving the team in the dark. This will only happen for two reasons: 1) the player experienced an immediate emergency and quite simply couldn’t afford the time to tell the team or 2) a contract dispute.

Did you catch the Bill Parcells reference?

Finnegan left the team in the dark, didn’t experience an emergency and kept quiet even after the team publicly mentioned how they were disappointed with his contract dispute. So, what does he do? He blames the media, largely Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, and claims he had a personal situation that needed his attention and that it was NOT a contract dispute. Why not tell anyone? He had the time.

Well, courtesy of Finnegan at a press conference post-practice on Sunday, we have an update. Fittingly, Jim Wyatt wrote the article. A few quotes below:

"“I want to apologize to the media for this tirade of events that’s happened. It has been nothing but a distraction to the team that was not needed,’’ he said. “When I was talking with my agent, because I wasn’t happy with some of the things said I let the emotions get the best.”"

He goes on to mention that it was a mistake to take the contract negotiations personally. I suspect that the thoughts in Finnegans mind went something like this,”I basically led this team during the lockout. I am a star cornerback. I deserve more than they’re giving me. The team needs me. I should have a new, pricey contract now, the rookies are getting money, why not me”.

For the record, that is simply my imagination, but I don’t suspect it’s far off. While Finnegan is worth keeping around, the  Titans have two young corners that could handle the starting roles. There would be a slip-up in play at first, but I do believe over the course of the season that Finnegan would not be missed. If he causes further problems, you have until week 6 to trade him. Field offers and put them in a folder for later, when you can find a team to be a little more desperate to take on another starting-caliber corner. Finnegan, while great to have, is not necessary, especially not for a team that is not a likely playoff candidate.

When a team gets drama, they get losses. Let’s get rid of the drama on this team and if that includes getting rid of Finnegan, I’m all for it. Even though, I’d rather see him on the team than off it.

Paul Kuharsky, ESPN’s AFC South blogger, did a great recap of everything pre-apology right here.