On Second Thought……..


At first glance I will admit I was not happy about the Titans deciding to go with another less mobile quarterback in order to mentor their freshly drafted quarterback of the future. If you have a mobile quarterback trying to learn how to play the professional game, would it not make sense for them to learn from someone who as made their career successfully doing the same thing? No I was not happy when Adam Schefter announced the Titans would be signing Matt Hasselbeck, but given time to do more research I am beginning to come around.

In a way Matt Hasselbeck has an idea of what the Titans future qb is going through. He too had to come into the league and learn behind a grizzly veteran. Hasselbeck came into the league in 1999, the year after the Green Bay Packers had just been to back to back Superbowls and with future hall of famer Brett Favre in his prime, Matt knew he would only see the field if Brett got hurt. Hasselbeck took advantage of his time in Green Bay, learning the tricks of the trade from one of the games best. Two years later head coach Mike Holgren left Green Bay for Seattle and the dual job of both General Manager and Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks and he needed a quarterback.

Fastforward to the present. The Titans draft a young quarterback with a ton of athletic ability. While somewhat raw, his skills draw comparisons to that Brett Favre received coming out of college. Locker could have been no bigger favor by the Titans front office than they were on Wednesday by going out and getting the only qb on the market who studied how to play not only under quarterback master Mike Holmgren, but learned from an alltime great in Brett Favre. Along with new offensive coordinator Chris Palmer’s unique teaching abilities signing Matt Hasselbeck gives more ability to teach the young rookie from multiple sources known for success at quarterback.

Here’s to hoping Jake Locker doesn’t see the field for at least another year. It worked out pretty well for the latest guy to back Favre up. His name? Aaron Rodgers and he just won the Superbowl.