Titans Free Agent Possibilities: Mcnabb, Mason and others


At last the NFL Lockout is over, all fans are excited that we don’t have to see those money figures thrown any more and we got a new salary cap for all teams. Not only that but the Titans will have to spend. What you say? Under the new CBA the titans and all NFL teams need to spend up to 95% of the cap. So unlike the Titans past they will have to spend money. And unlike the Titans past i hope they get great talent instead of money fillers. I might get bashed on this but really Jovan Haye hasn’t accomplished much, even though he had a decent season last year. Nate Washington has shown sign of dropping passes except for when a former qb for the titans, when he gets released, Vince Young threw to him. I think there are alot of players the titans should widely consider to try to get to turn this team around. Im gonna start with the qb position.

Although i personally am gonna miss Vince Young I do have some faith in this Jake Locker kid, aka The Locker Shocker. I didn’t have any faith in Kerry Collins. Kerry was past his prime for the Titans at least, in my opinion, and I’m glad he retired. Don’t get me wrong i was glad when the Titans first grabbed Kerry Collins. But it was time for a change. The QB id love to see in a Titans Jersey is Donovan McNabb. What a great way for #5 to replace #5, get it same jersey #. Anyways, i believe McNabb’s skill set matches up very good with Jake Locker. I understand alot of people think Hasselback should be in there. But, I believe McNabb could play a full season more than Hasselback could. There i said it had to get it off my chest, the reason why i believe that is cause McNabb got alot of rest last year cause Washington sit him down. Don’t get me started on that situation. Seriously Grossman over McNabb not so smart. At any rate id like to see McNabb in a Titans Jersey at the QB position over Hasselback. But i would be ok with and wouldn’t be surprised if  Hasselback is your starter come week 1. Just because of the ties he has with Our GM and people in the front office. It couldn’t get any worse than Collins right?

Ok onto the most interesting situation besides the QB position. The Wide Receiver position. I know we got Kenny Britt and Nate Washington but behind that once Justin Gage gets cut ,which i would hate to see, the Titans are very inexperienced.  I got Suitors for this poistion to. And oh yes get your popcorn ready cause we could see a rebirth wherever Mcnabb goes. I would love to see my Favorite WR of all time become a titan Terrell Owens. He could teach these Wide receivers very well. But from what i heard last year Mcnabb and Owens seemed to be back on the same page and mended things, haven’t heard anything since than. And if it comes down to it the Titans Defense would hate to have to face T.O. if he lands with the Texans. I could see disaster this year imagine it T.O. and Andre Johnson yikes. Defense will have problems all year. Another number of receivers would be nice like Santonio Holmes and Randy Moss, but, Randy Moss won’t be back Titans did a stinky job trying to throw him the ball last year. And Santonio Holmes has issues off the field that might scare them away. Last but not  least for the WR position is the return of the greatest Titan receiver of all time, in my opinion Derrick Mason. The most underated WR in the NFL. He could return to TN and teach these young receivers alot. I myself would love to have Derrick Mason that was the worst mistake among many the Titans have made over the years getting rid of Mason in free agency.

Onto the Tight End position, Id love to see Todd Heap in a Titans Jersey. He and Cook could be like 2 Frank Wychecks on one team. Heap would bring experience the Titans haven’t had since Crumpler left. Heap would be the perfect fit for the Titans at Tight End.

Last but not least, The CB position, now granted there are alot of other positions the titan need to and will fill. The titans just for chess moves alone need to get Nnamdi Asomugha. Because reports are the Texans are going to try and get him and the Titans don’t need to let him get past. I love Verner, Finnegan, and Mccourty. And i thank Ryan Mouton should get a chance to. But past that, the Titans need help fast. Plus imagine him in the secondary he could play multiple positions just because he is so good.

Keep in Mind the Titans will have money they have to spend. From what i heard on 104.5 the zone. The titans have roughly 40 million dollars to spend or close to it. To get to that %. This is my first article so id like to thank this awesome website for giving me a chance, Go Titans!!!!!!!!!